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Hamma’s Punch lets kids toast holidays

Wednesday, December 26, 2012
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For the SCCC Kitchen

Hamma’s Punch is full of bubbles and fruit flavor and perfect for children for New Year’s Eve.
Photographer: Peter R. Barber
Hamma’s Punch is full of bubbles and fruit flavor and perfect for children for New Year’s Eve.

“From the SCCC Kitchen” offers tastes from Schenectady County Community College’s culinary arts program. Today, educational aide Lisa Valentine offers the fourth of four recipes ideal for holiday entertaining, “Hamma’s Punch.”

Adults celebrating the holiday season can choose an assortment of alcoholic beverages.

Kids have sodas and juices — but cold stuff in green or orange cans can hardly be called festive.

For younger party goers, Lisa Valentine pours “Hamma’s Punch.”

“I’m ‘Hamma,’ ” Valentine said. “My granddaughter can’t call me ‘Grandma’; she ends up calling me ‘Hamma.’ ”

When Grandma makes punch, small kids give it rave reviews. It’s got fruit, it’s got bubbles and it’s got a creamy taste.

“You can make this with orange juice, you take 7UP — it’s caffeine free — or ginger ale, whatever they prefer,” Valentine said. “You just pour it together and then you add sherbet. You can top it with a little bit of cherry for the kids, in their cups. My granddaughter loves it.”

It’s easy to keep the punch cold. Valentine suggests putting the punch bowl inside a larger bowl filled with ice. People don’t have to worry about the sherbet melting — “I guarantee you, the punch is not going to last for hours,” Valentine said.


1 gallon fruit punch

1⁄2 gallon orange juice

2 liters of lemon lime soda (or ginger ale)

1 half gallon sherbet (your choice)

Pour fruit punch in punch bowl. Add orange juice and soda. Then add the sherbet by the scoop. Garnish top with cherry.

You can cut the recipe in half and even mix it by the cup.

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