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Editorial: Local animal control remains a big problem

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Wednesday’s story about the abandoned hound-mix puppies, whose adorable faces graced the front page of The Gazette’s local news section and of several local TV news telecasts, had a sad ending: Both of the surviving pups had to be euthanized because of a variety of health issues. Almost immediately, readers began to express their shock and sadness over the dogs’ fate, and outrage over their mistreatment. But as the veterinary technician in Wednesday’s story made ...

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October 1, 2012
10:10 a.m.

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Your editorial is indeed, a large part of the problem. The city/County and all involved need to reach some kind of agreement.
That said, here is our story. We have 2 dogs, and 3 cats, had 4 but one was hit by a car recently, and died. Both dogs were rescues, 3 of the cats were rescues. In the 9 years we've had our big dog, and 10 yrs one of the food prices have skyrocketed! Pet care (Vet) prices have skyrocketed! The Vet we use, is still rather reasonable compared to most, and I adore him. Obviously we try to keep up on their shots, but its not always easy. Sometimes we have to pick and choose what is most important, and least important.
Over the summer my daughter and her cat were staying with us. So one trip to the vet for just tick, flea etc. drops cost me $130.00!!
We were flooded from Irene, and thankfully didnt have enough damage to loose our home, but many of our neighbors did. One family that was renting had to move, and couldnt take her 2 cats. One of my rescues was hers.
Other pets have fallen victim to the housing crisis. Their owners had to move, and if anyone knows the hassle to find an apartment, or a place to live that allows pets....few and far between. Not to mention trying to find a shelter that isnt over capacity, to take their pets. Even begging someone to adopt them, people cant afford it, dont want pets, etc. So what do they do? They leave them behind, they drop them off somewhere. Sad, and wrong as that is, It's a reality.
What happened to those poor adorable dogs was unconscionable, and I do hope they find the a$$hat who just left them like that and charge him severely.
Animal cruelty in my opinion, should be a major offense, and I agree with the fight for the bill to list those people as they do child offenders.
But try to remember, their are also those that love their pets, but because of circumstances beyond their control, have little if any recourse.

October 1, 2012
11:12 a.m.

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I agree with your reader. Vet costs are outragious. I understand they need to make money and pay for their schooling, but owning a pet is extremely expensive. Food costs for humans has gotten very high, never mind trying to feed your animals. I'm not saying that people leaving pets behind or just left out on their own isn't horrible, it truely is, and if you can't afford a pet, please don't adopt one.

October 1, 2012
9:30 p.m.

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The SPCA pushed passage of the Vicious Dog Control Act which entitles them to the proceeds of fines for SPCA enforcement of dog licensing laws. This includes reimbursement of costs for sheltering animals. This was supposed to be the great solution to the 'vicious dog' problem. The SPCA doesn't seem to be enforcing anything related to licensing and they still have no shelter. The SPCA and the County passed this sweetheart deal after the SPCA sued the Sheriff. The law made the SPCA contractors of the County if they would drop their lawsuit. I still can't figure out how any of this is legal. Are they really going to renew this for 2013? Here is a link to the law they passed

October 3, 2012
4:19 p.m.

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We don't allow cattle or sheep in cities. Maybe it's time to prohibit pets too. Move to the country if you want dogs, horses, cats or pigs.