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Who needs a hug?

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Feeling unloved and in need of a warm embrace?

Think about treating yourself to one of these new vests that give you a little squeeze whenever someone “likes” you on Facebook.

The story is on the Digital Spy website.

Scientists say the vest is designed to allow people to feel “the warmth, encouragement, support or love that we receive when we receive hugs.”

So who needs real hugs anymore, right? Or any human contact, for that matter. Just post a cute photo or write something clever for a status update and ... hmmmmmm ... you’ve been hugged!

What’s next in the field of virtual satisfaction? Well, I’m not going there.

Read more about the “Like-a-Hug” vest by clicking HERE and then select the "weird" section.

Don’t forget to check out the story you’ll find lower down on Digital Spy’s “weird” page. It’s about the couple who clearly had more than virtual contact.

They named their baby “Like.”

You know — like on Facebook.

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