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How to poke head through a tax cap

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Just so we’re all clear on the 2 percent tax cap imposed on local governments and school districts last year, it’s not really a 2 percent cap. Two percent is just the starting point for a bunch of calculations, and whatever the cap turns out to be for a particular entity, it is by no means absolute. It can easily be overridden, as the Schenectady County Legislature is likely to demonstrate tomorrow night. All an ...

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September 30, 2012
6:33 a.m.

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With all these tax hikes though out the country, I am beginning to wonder- Did we really win the "Revolutionary War"??

October 1, 2012
10:29 a.m.

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I guess the retiring Senator McDonald wasn't so proud of his "principled stand" after all. The most memorable vote he's ever made, and he wants it forgotten. hmmm...

October 1, 2012
1:38 p.m.

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The tax cap at least provides a bench mark, tied to the rate of inflation, by which to measure how bad the local electeds are going to fleece us this year. In the past, they could say, "we're only raising taxes 8 percent and you should be thankful we didn't go for the 16 percent we wanted!" Although wouldn't it be nice if the county and towns had to pass a referendum vote like school districts have to, then you'd see some real change in the budgeting process.