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Boy Scouts should embrace all Americans

A new day? part 2

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One thing we can count on is “what goes around comes around.” And that is exactly what is happening with the Boy Scouts of America. Soon after my election to Congress in 1992 a young scout came up to me at our hometown Butter and Eggs Parade and started a conversation about scouting and how unfairly gay leaders and gay scouts were treated. This young boy, Steven Cozza, was defending the rights of his troop ...

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April 21, 2013
10:53 a.m.

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Lynn Woolsey's opinion is hers to say what she pleases. The facts are homosexual men have molested boys and in particular Boy Scouts and it happened all to often! Schenectady County Council had over two dozen Scouts molested by a Scout Executive several years ago and nothing was done to prevent him from doing so in another Council. Those who want the Boys Scouts to embrace homosexual leaders should take the time to see what happens to those molested by them. Homosexuals who prey on boys are not gay!