Take care when storing ski equipment

Monday, April 22, 2013
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The diehards may be still trying for some final runs at Killington, or Jay Peak or some of the northern areas, but for most of us, the 2012-13 ski season is over.

The time has come to put gear away for the summer. And according to a couple of equipment experts in our area, just a couple of easy steps is all it takes to have everything ready when the bad sliding months end next fall.

For your skis, the most important part is to store them in a dry, cool space. The garage is the most common choice. "But don't lay the skis on a cement surface" says Alpin Haus ski manager Jamie Georgelos.

"If you don't have a rack to hang them, be sure to put them on carpet or on wood."

The moisture that builds on a concrete surface can damage the skis, especially the edges, according to long time ski shop operator Gary Higley of The Sports Page in Glens Falls.

" We suggest ironing on a layer of wax over the ski base, including the edges, and leaving it there until next fall. That provides some protection from moisture that otherwise can rust the metal edges."

Boots can also benefit from some simple pre-storage attention.

"Make certain you store them in a cool. dry place like a closet. Avoid attic storage. You don't want to get mold or mildew over the summer." says Higley.

Georgelos recommends leaving the boots buckled over the summer. "That helps keep the shape." he says.

Also, make sure the boot liners are dry. Georgelos will put a dryer sheet in each of the boots. "That detracts mice and other rodents" he says. ""A lot of people keep boot stored in the garage and this can attract mice and other rodents who might be looking for a home over the summer."

At one time there was discussion about whether to store skis vertically, or horizontally, and whether or not it was important to relax the tension on the ski bindings before putting skis away. . But both Georgelos and Higley don't feel like either is an important consideration these days.

" It is just common sense" says Higley. "Protect you gear from moisture over the summer and everything will be ready to go next fall."

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