12 stores cited for underage alcohol sales

Monday, April 22, 2013
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— More than half of the targeted stores in Montgomery County came through a recent alcohol sting with flying colors.

Over the past few days, area law enforcement agencies coordinated by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department conducted sting operations at 31 area stores that sell alcoholic beverages.

They were pretty simple operations. Officers sent minors into the stores asking to buy alcohol. If the minor was refused, good for the business. If the minor left with a bottle, the cashier was arrested.

Of the 31 area stores, 19 followed the law, leaving a dozen cashiers in handcuffs.

The Sheriff’s Department would not comment on the results as compared with previous sting operations, but Undersheriff Jeff Smith called the percentage of arrests unacceptable.

“This ... shows that alcohol is getting into the hands of people under 21 way too often,” he said in a news release.

With prom and graduation parties looming on the horizon, the Sheriff’s Department plans to do more alcohol stings, hoping for a higher cashier success rate.

Stores where the staff followed the law:

Stewart’s, St. Johnsville;

Kinney Drugs, St. Johnsville;

Cumberland Farms, St. Johnsville;

Stewart’s, Fort Plain;

Nice N Easy, Fort Plain;

Wrath of Grapes, Fort Plain;

Flint Liquors, Canajoharie;

Quick Gas Mart, Canajoharie;

Cumberland Farms, Palatine Bridge;

Price Chopper, Palatine Bridge;

Stewart’s, Palatine Bridge;

Stewart’s, Fonda;

Cumberland Farms, Fonda;

Super Mart, Fultonville;

Lucky Dogs, Fultonville;

Main Street Mart, Amsterdam;

Guy Park Citgo, Amsterdam;

Main Street Billiards, Amsterdam;

Imperial Lanes; Amsterdam.

Charged with misdemeanor unlawful dealing with a child:

Renee L. Raux, 51, of Little M Mart, St. Johnsville;

Brandon Terrell, 31, of Save A Lot, Fort Plain;

Nisar Rana, 40, of Petro USA, Canajoharie;

Kenneth Daly, 70, of Dalys Liquor Mart, Palatine Bridge;

Alcide Bourdeau, 69, of Rite Aid, Palatine Bridge;

Sukhlinder Singh, 56, of Betty Beavers, Fultonville;

Tammy Robb, 47, of Winners Circle, Fonda;

Erik Crane, 32, of Loopies, Tribes Hill;

Carol Stearns, 53, of Kozy Corner, Tribes Hill;

Shakit Rajawat, 28, of Valley View Mart, Amsterdam;

Jeffrey Zukas, 59, of Dutch Mart Convenience, Amsterdam;

Giovanni Objio, 52, of El Caribe Market, Amsterdam.



April 23, 2013
12:38 a.m.
Fritzdawg says...

Congratulations on ruining the lives of people have to work as cashiers for a living.
They send someone in that looks 30, yet is just shy of 21, usually trying to dodge charges on some minor crime that they themselves committed, and BINGO, the cashier gets arrested regardless of their lack of malice.
Does anyone seriously think that a cashier at Price Chopper knowingly made an illegal sale out of a sense of greed for the company?
They now have a criminal record of unlawfully dealing with a minor, which is the modern day equivalent of the scarlet letter, and this just in, a decent lawyer will cost them more than they make in a few months of working at minimum wage (or close to it), and putting up with customer abuse.
Currently, it is far easier for a minor to buy dangerous drugs, than it is to buy beer.
Bang up job you're doing there Sheriff.

April 23, 2013
10:19 a.m.
grant18 says...

Wait a minute, Fritzdawg. First of all, Price Chopper clerks DID NOT sell to the minor. Nor did clerks at any Stewart's, Cumberland Farms or several other "chain stores." The violations were mostly at "Mom & Pop" operations where a "sense of greed" might have been a motive. More likely, better training at the corporate- owned stores was the real difference. As to your comment about "looks 30," haven't you see the signs in the corporate-owned stores that say, "Sorry, but we card EVERYBODY who looks 30 or less." That policy apparently helped in their passing this test. How many studies have to be done that show underage consumption of alcohol leads directly to drunken driving which leads directly to unnecessary injuries & deaths! Wise up, Fritzdawg, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office deserves praise for being willing to attack this problem comprehensively across the entire county. A good job & well done. The shame is that so many clerks DID NOT OBEY THE LAW!

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