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Block parties aren’t burdening taxpayers, so don’t raise permit fees

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Block parties aren’t burdening taxpayers, so don’t raise permit fees After reading Kathleen Moore’s Aug. 22 article referring to the City Council considering raising block party fees, I must disagree. Ms. Moore quotes Councilwomen Denise Brucker’s and Leesa Perazzo’s concerns about weekend overtime for city workers and the cost to the city with reference to blocking streets for Pinhead Susan’s block parties. It is my understanding that after the proper permits are acquired from the ...

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August 26, 2013
7:13 a.m.

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Bob Mantello- Now Denise Brucker and Leesa Perazzo are finally concerned about worker overtime? It's all about the Democratic machine squeezing you for as much as they can. Then fleeing like Denise Brucker from the tax hell they themselves created. Niskayuna resident Denise Brucker should resign from City Council today not after Election Day.

August 26, 2013
9:17 a.m.

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The city should have increased the police presence downtown and cared more about cleaning garbage as soon as (or before) all the business owners invested their lives in the city. It should be safe and clean ALL the time. It's just another case of, "we got them where we want them, now let's stick it to them!". All these businesses pay for their own security and police already, as well as trash pick up. Wooden barricades take five minutes to drop off and pick up, especially since they drop them off sometimes the day before and pick them up long after any event, when they have staff on duty. The city should be ashamed but historically, the City of Schenectady government has no shame.

August 26, 2013
5:16 p.m.

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When will people in Schenectady stop voting for these tax and spend liberal democrat idiots running this city.