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Schenectady boy’s fatal beating allegedly sparked by theft

Police source: Child stole gum, infuriated his grandmother

A vigil for 8-year-old homicide victim Sha'hiim Nelligan at 23 Mynderse Ave in Schenectady on Monday, February 25, 2013.
Photographer: Patrick Dodson
A vigil for 8-year-old homicide victim Sha'hiim Nelligan at 23 Mynderse Ave in Schenectady on Monday, February 25, 2013.
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Investigators believe Gloria Nelligan beat her 8-year-old grandson Sha’hiim Nelligan to death after becoming upset that he had stolen a pack of gum from a nearby shop, an official familiar with the case said. The boy apparently took the gum earlier in the week and his grandmother found out. She then took him back to the store and made him apologize, the source said. Nelligan, though, didn’t leave it at that, the official said, and ...

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February 28, 2013
7:49 a.m.

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The practice of so called "tough" love by yet another "God fearing" "church goer" -
makes me want to throw up ! There is no such thing as "tough" love. Love is never tough, or strict, or whatever you want to pretend it is. Kids are just little kids and should never be hit, or abused or screamed at or "taught a lesson" with violent hitting. Kids who grow up being hit, "learn" to do the same to others. Most educated people know hitting and abusive language leads to nothing but serious physical damage and psychological torment. This poor little sweet boy and his poor siblings who now have to deal with the loss of a little brother. What have those other kids been experiencing? This is why children need access to the best programs schools can offer and access to social services. They have no choice into what family they are born into. And as a society, we should all want to fund schools, and lunch, and after school programs for these helpless kids !!

February 28, 2013
8:08 a.m.

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tonijean My parents and their parents and all parents before them smacked their kids when they did something and it usually never happened again. Then the liberal dogooders like you came around in the late 60s calling it child abuse. I remember telling my grandprents I could do what I want and if they spanked me I could call the police. I got a smack up side my head and sent to my room and that was the end of that. Kids have no consequenses, so we have kids raping and killing other kids. We have parents and grandparent so frustrated that they can't discipline their kids, they lose control and kill them. This is what liberalism has brought. People like you are responsible for the death of that child, you and all of the liberal fools. This is what liberalism gave us.

February 28, 2013
12:43 p.m.

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All children need diciplin at one time or another. There is a difference between beating and discipline. Yes love is tough and too bad for it! If she gave her own kid a spanking once in a while maybe she wouldn't be raising a a grandchild born to her 18 year old daughter who abandoned him to live with other drug addicted friends (see 2007 article printed by the gazette on this same family). Make the kid apologize, spank him, take away desserts and toys and be done with it. Beating him is inexcusable and she should rot in jail and get her due justice at the hands of other prisoners.