Amedore’s lead shrinks to 35

Thursday, January 17, 2013
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— Republican George Amedore’s lead in the 46th Senate District is down to 35 votes over Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk.

Eight votes from Greene County were counted Thursday, according to Amedore spokesman Kris Thompson. He said that Tkaczyk got five votes and Amedore got three.

This morning, one vote is scheduled to be counted from Albany County and 90 votes are scheduled to be counted from Ulster County.

These votes, including the eight from Greene County, were initially ruled invalid by a trial judge, then reinstated by a mid-level state appeals court.

It is anticipated that most of the remaining ballots, because of who cast them and because most were contested by Amedore’s legal team, will be in favor of Tkaczyk.

Still in question, though, is a ballot from Montgomery County that was found earlier in the week during an inspection of a ballot bag — an absentee ballot cast by a Democratic election inspector. Its validity was unclear Thursday night.

Tkaczyk needs to win more than 63 of the remaining 91 valid votes to take the lead. If there is a tie, then a special election needs to be called.

It is possible that additional legal objections could arise.

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January 18, 2013
7:46 a.m.
tonijean613 says...

This all about the absentee ballots? What about audits and canvassing of the vote of the electronic machines? How do we know the machines counted the votes as voters intended? All votes should be on paper ballots and hand counted in public view on election night before ballots are allowed to leave a precinct. Its a disgrace of our voting system when anyone is disenfranchised from voting and especially when candidates have the ability to choose which ballots to count. COUNT THEM ALL !
Clearly if someone was issued a ballot in first place, they have a right to vote.
At least in this race, you can visually see them counting the absentee votes and people can verify the count. But not so with the secret vote counting of the Electronic Machines-Do people realize that whoever programmed those machines can determine how they want the outcome to be?- all without detection. This is the greatest threat to democracy- its the E-Voting machines, stupid.,

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