Anti-gun lobby: Constitution remembered when it fits their ideology

Sunday, January 20, 2013
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Anti-gun lobby: Constitution remembered when it fits their ideology

Why is it that the Constitution, which so many are demanding be changed or ignored to eliminate “evil guns,” is the same Constitution that women hide behind while they murder over a million innocent babies a year?

Why is it that one mentally ill person kills 20 children and the whole country goes nuts, while almost a million women a year kill their babies, mostly for convenience sake, and no one sheds a tear?

Think about what is really important!

Bob Semp


Collecting sales tax on Internet sales is all about greed

Re Jan. 9 editorial, “Congress should end tax break for online sales”: The reasoning given to justify ending tax break for online sales is, at best, weak. To say that this action is justified by the needs of the state is to make two major errors.

First, if the citizens want more government services, they only need to vote for them. Since we, in this state, have a desire for borrowing rather than tax increases, the need that is being spoken of is a need to obtain government services by circumventing the will of the voters.

In my view, the editorial staff has confused the term “need” with “greed.” In addition to this error, the assertion that need by some implies an obligation by others is suspect. After all, the reason that rape is illegal is that one person’s need is not another’s obligation.

To conserve on expenses, the state could get rid of the sales tax and save its administration costs. Furthermore, by keying the state income tax off the federal liabilities, the administrative costs associated with this tax would dramatically decline.

In a changing world, doing more of the same ensures destruction.

Fred Barney


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January 20, 2013
1:09 p.m.
wmarincic says...

Bob Semp, Alanis Morissette said it best, isn't it ironic.

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