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Cuomo’s State of the State address makes one want to move from N.Y.

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Gov. Cuomo, in his State of the State address, mentioned that New Yorkers have experienced a wide range of emotions in the past year. I have to say that I certainly did in listening to his address. I started with skepticism that his new workers’ compensation reform could pay out more benefits, cost businesses less, and save the government money. He presented some ideas that sounded good: beachfront houses on stilts, buying out the properties ...

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January 20, 2013
8:02 a.m.

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The fact of the matter is that many middle class people and business owners are moving out of NYS as fast as they can, leaving behind a lot of people who wish they could move, but who can't sell their houses or businesses.

January 20, 2013
9:02 a.m.

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It's all about choices and what it important in your life. We took a really big hit on our house (not to mention the tax we had to pay just to sell it) when we moved out of NY. It has been worth every single lost dime!

January 21, 2013
10:02 a.m.

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Mr. Perazzo- have you ever been to the deep South? If you prefer that environment of a poorly educated population, poorer health, poorer general quality of life, and a deeper divide between the haves and have nots-but prefer to surround yourself with those whose only capacity to solve problems and to feel powerful over others, is by hiding behind a gun, (very cowardly in my opinion)- but the beauty of America is that you are FREE to move a gun lovers State without giving up your American citizenship- so go.

January 21, 2013
2:29 p.m.

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Toni- not everyone that has a gun is a coward that hides behind it. Its a way for some people to protect their families and is a right since the birth of this country. I also hate to break it to you but many southern states are a lot better off than New York. This is the second highest taxed state and it is still broke because of all the welfare the tax payers provide for the people who leech off of tje government. Apparently the south is doing something right.