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Lone councilman only one not to see good in GE tax deal

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Lone councilman only one not to see good in GE tax deal As Rotterdam supervisor, I appreciate the opportunity to set the record straight concerning GE’s tax agreement (Feb. 28 Gazette). First, GE did not receive a little perk from the town, as Councilman Bob Godlewski reportedly said. This is unfair and untrue. Second, the article made it seem as if the agreement was solely with the town. It involved GE, the Schalmont School District, ...

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March 8, 2013
5:22 a.m.

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Re: Racism - Time to repeal the Voting Rights Act - maybe not!!! If we are seeing this level of racism in upstate New York, imagine what it is like elsewhere. Apparently, the election of our first black president and the ongoing disbelief of his ligitimacy by many loud speaking national figures with their coded language has served to promote the idea that it is OK to be racist. Thanks Elizabeth Keville for speaking out.

March 8, 2013
6:45 a.m.

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Things like: “Better watch him, he might steal your stuff. He’s black.” This alleged quote, is NOT the typical student in schools today. It's not fair to paint with a broad brush like this. This nation is one of the most tolerant nations on earth. Of course there are knuckleheads in every high school. But this is an unfair attack on the average student today. I don't believe the quote.

March 8, 2013
7:38 a.m.

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Racism goes both ways, we have a President that was supposed to be the great uniter but had become the great divider. He started by calling Massachussets police officers stupid because they were white and they arrested his black friend who refused to show ID when he was caught breaking into his own house. We let Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson tell us every day that white people are racists. We have many blacks that rather than take responsibility, they blame it on race. As long as we continue to use race as an issue race will always be an issue. For 20 years I owned a home in the Vale neighborhood and I'm white, the most racism I ever saw was directed at me and other whites, it goes both ways. People are people regardless of color, as soon as we start remembering that we will stop using race.