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Sad to see Hoffman's closing over money

Monday, August 25, 2014
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Sad to see Hoffman's closing over money

My first visit to Hoffman's Playland was as "son" (early 1950s). Later it was as "dad" (1970s). Later on I was "grandpa" (1990s). My last visit today [Aug. 19] was as "grandpa," (plus, I guess).

I guess this is the end. My mother visited Hoffman's as "GG" -- great-grandma. I will not get that chance.

What a shame. Money goes on.

Glenn P. Salamone


Liberals' idiotic laws ruining the country

Denise Crisci was spot on in her Aug. 19 message ["Liberals need to stop complaining"]. They love "freedom of speech" as long as the speech agrees with their point of view.

This country is going downhill fast. We elect officials that have no experience in foreign affairs. Obama's foreign policy is a joke and former President Carter never met a terrorist group he didn't like.

The laws of the land are idiotic. You can get arrested for not having a driver's license, but not for being in this country illegally. You have to get your parents' approval to go on a school trip, but not to get an abortion. Our government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more.

Hard work and success are met with higher taxes, while not working is rewarded with EBT cards, food stamps, Medicaid and free cell phones.

We live in a country run by idiots. If you are offended by the above statements, then most likely you voted for many of these idiots.

Stephen Desmonie


Support Rodriguez for Family Court judge

Pat Rodriguez is the right choice for Schenectady County's new Family Court judgeship. I am a co-founder of Roots and Wisdom, a countywide youth agriculture and community service program now in its 10th year. When we started, Pat was one of the first community leaders we recruited for our Advisory Board. She brought a wealth of professional experience to the board and was committed to promoting our mission among her peers and in the community.

Perhaps, most importantly, Pat clearly understood the significance of launching a county program that created positive and lasting connections among city, suburban and rural youth.

Pat has worked exclusively in area Family Courts since 1998 and has the experience, compassion and knowledge to be an excellent Family Court judge.

If you are a registered Democrat, I strongly encourage you to vote for Pat Rodriguez for Family Court judge on Sept. 9. Thank you for your consideration.

Christine Horigan


Church not delaying action on sex abuser

Contrary to your Aug. 15 editorial ["Why wait to fire priest?"], the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany acted immediately to protect the community when it received a complaint against Fr. James Michael Taylor. The Diocese immediately reported the allegation to law enforcement authorities and placed Taylor on leave from ministry following his arrest and arraignment -- far from "dragging our sandals," to use The Gazette's phrase.

Upon his guilty plea Taylor has now been suspended. With this formal sanction he continues to be prohibited from publicly presenting himself as a priest, celebrating the sacraments or wearing priestly garb. A decision on his future as a priest will be made shortly, following an independent, internal review of the matter, as required by church law.

This two-step approach conforms to the policy that the Albany Diocese adopted at the request of the 14 District Attorneys of the Diocese not to initiate its internal investigations prior to completion of the civil criminal process so as to avoid any interference or the appearance of such.

Kenneth Goldfarb


The writer is the communications director for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany.

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