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Can no longer accept Israel actions in Gaza

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Can no longer accept Israel actions in Gaza As Christians went to their churches and prayed for peace and love, their vaunted ally Israel completed its devastation of the Palestinian people in Gaza. Israel's tanks, attack bombers and artillery, mostly American-made and paid for, just laid waste to most of the heavily populated Gaza strip so there aren't many targets left to hit. Human lives are cheap on the Palestinian side, something our Christian upbringing ...

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August 27, 2014
12:55 p.m.

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Roy Neville
Thousands of Christians have been slaughtered by Muslims in Iraq this year alone. Children beheaded in front of their parents who are then beheaded. Crucifixions in the streets of Iraq. Look at the videos on YouTube of Hamas shooting off rockets from schools and the phony videos of supposedly dead children. I'm so sick of you brainwashed liberals. A friend told me the other day that a liberal America hating reporter met a peaceful Muslim and his knife last week. Do you think they wouldn't kill you and your family too?

August 27, 2014
5:33 p.m.

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The problem with Leftist's like Mr. Neville is that you are totally clueless as to how the world operates. The world operates by the use of force, period!!! The people who have the force call the shots that is why America has survived for over 200 plus years. Along with this military power comes great responsibility in maintaining world peace by keeping people like Vladimir Putin and others in check or at least were held in check when this country had real leaders in the White House. But this is why Leftist's like Mr. Neville hate the US and other countries like Israel who have the military power and are not afraid to utilize it when necessary. We are the countries who don't stand for being bullied and will put a stop to it as we see occurring in the Gaza-Israel war. So Mr. Neville, if you think along the same lines as other brain dead Liberals like Barrack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm, and his partner in stupidity the Haughty John Kerry, who btw served in Vietnam are mistaken who think the new millennium brings a new set of rules governed by peace treaties and clean water and clean air with wind mills for ever, you people are living in Disney Land. The other problem with people like Mr. Neville is they view the US/Israel as the real bullies who take advantage of lesser opponents because its not a fair fight and you are ashamed to be called an American. Well, my advice to dim wits like Mr. Neville, this is our America, so love it or leave...As for your destining of Israel and the US using its military force to rid ourselves and the threat others bring to our citizens it is well justified in using that military strength to protect ourselves and extinguish the threat these people bring to us by wanting to kill us...BTW we all thought your President was supposed to put a stop to all these wars and disagreements but I guess your guy didn't show up to answer the bell. So snap out of it Mr. Neville and join the rest of humanity from your land of make believe...

August 31, 2014
3:29 p.m.

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Thank God we have intelligent people like Roy Neville who can sort through the facts for us, and not everyone is a war hawk like wmarincic, who never has a nice thing to say about anyone who has a brain in their head. Thank you, Roy Neville for your thoughts on the situation.