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Small steps can ease defiant child back to school

Q: My son is starting a new school, as we have just had a change in his custody as part of our divorce. He went to school the first day to meet the counselor, take a tour and have questions answered.

Mom worries about what's on son's phone and breaking trust

When should a parent step in?

Scholarships, financial aid cut cost of colleges

Private colleges are more expensive, but might offer more in financial aid.

Shy daughter might need a bit of a nudge

Questions to answers about education

Kids need extra courses, tests to earn Regents Diploma

Answers to questions about education.

School programs help kids cope with divorce

Most schools offer programs to help students cope with a separation or divorce of parents.

When child’s foul language needs attention

We, as adults, often need to navigate various social situations, and your son will need to learn this, too.

Kids need more than video games

Faced with the prospect of being with others or getting stimulation from a computer or video game screen, students are choosing the screen.

Act quickly on suspicion of self-harm

Q: Since my daughter started eighth grade, I’ve noticed a big change in her. She goes to her room and locks the door. She has changed many of her friends. I feel like I don’t know her. She’s been wearing long sleeves even though the weather is warming up. One of my parent friends suggested that she might be cutting herself. What do I do?

Students can misinterpret teacher's words

In all schools, students encounter many teachers throughout the day. With the introduction of differing expectations and personalities, the potential for conflict with a teacher can increase.

Get help choosing high school courses

If we had a crystal ball that tells us our child’s future career, selecting high school courses would be easy. Because we don’t, schools establish procedures to help in the process.

New issues can emerge in middle school

Parents, as well as students, go through an adjustment period when children move from elementary school into middle school, where many students from different schools may come together to form new friendships. This and practical issues, such as homework, become new challenges.

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