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Capital Region projects to focus on pedestrian safety

A teenage girl’s death last week while trying to cross a busy highway in Cohoes has been prominent in the news, with her family, friends and city officials justifiably upset.

End is near for Saratoga's ‘Pink Palace’

End is near for Saratoga's ‘Pink Palace’

In Saratoga Springs, the days of the old college dormitory — known more derisively than affectionately — as the “Pink Palace,” are numbered.

A safer way to view the Adirondack mountains

In the Adirondacks there are few sights more distracting than the view of the High Peaks from Route 73 where it meets Route 9N — and distracted driving is a bad thing.

Confederate flag stirs outrage at Saratoga Springs parade

A Confederate flag waving behind some dude on a motorcycle made it into Saratoga Springs’ Memorial Day parade last week.

Decision may pave way for more growth

In Ballston, the Dolomite asphalt plant won town planning approval this week.

Woman's pluck saved Mouzon House from demolition

Woman's pluck saved Mouzon House from demolition

Looking south from the patio of The Mouzon House restaurant, a visitor could be forgiven for thinking there’s little historic about Saratoga Springs.

Attention turns to Moose River land

With the Boreas Pond tract now in New York state’s hands, the Adirondack chapter of The Nature Conservancy is shifting its attention to a new project.

Tedisco seat gets plenty of interest

Assemblyman Jim Tedisco hasn’t even publicly confirmed he wants to run for Hugh Farley’s state Senate seat, but the race to fill his Assembly seat is already taking shape, at least within the Republican Party.

Clifton Park to name supervisor next month

Clifton Park to name supervisor next month

Clifton Park should have a new represenative on the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors soon.

Former supervisor still at work for county

Former supervisor still at work for county

Former Clifton Park county supervisor Anita M. Daly will be staying on Saratoga County’s payroll, it turns out.

Western fires mean big OT for DEC crews

At the back of the Saratoga Tree Nursery in Saratoga Springs sits a quiet barn where the state Department of Environmental Conservation stores the equipment needed to fight forest fires.

Saratoga commissioner floats theater balloon

Saratoga Springs Public Works Commissioner Anthony “Skip” Scirocco is intrigued by the idea of having a Victorian-style performance theater built on the site of the parking lot just east of City Hall

Towns welcome water funding

There’s nothing like a water crisis story on television every night to make people wonder about their own water.

Tedisco pushes for funds for pipe upkeep

Tedisco pushes for funds for pipe upkeep

You might think I’m too clever a writer to use a line like “there are gaping holes in New York’s infrastructure funding.”

County rankings raise some healthy questions

When it comes to whether people are doing the things it takes to lead healthy lives, we have some of the best communities in the state right here in the Capital Region, and also some of the worst — they share borders.

Moose may be in decline in N.Y.

Starting around 2010, not just in New York but in New Hampshire and Vermont, the number of vehicle-moose collisions began to drop. And nobody thinks it’s because “moose ahead” warning signs are more effective than they used to be. So last year DEC and several partner organizations launched a study of what the future of moose in New York may be.

Liquor store closing shows Spa City’s change

Liquor store closing shows Spa City’s change

If you want to know how Saratoga Springs is changing, try driving down West Avenue.

First DEC chief, Henry Diamond, was great champion for Adirondacks

Henry L. Diamond, one of the architects of the modern environmental protections for the Adirondack Mountains, died earlier this week.

Capped landfills begin to go solar

These days if you have an operating state-licensed landfill, it’s a literal mountain of trash.

Water deserves constant attention

A motto of “Out of sight, out of mind,” has worked for too long for our nation’s treatment of underground infrastructure.

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