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With Wal-Mart gone, town can move ahead

*With Wal-Mart gone, town can move ahead
*Brush fee prompting more illegal dumping
*Americans should be thankful Trump won

Found ViaPort tree in a dark, vacant store

*Found ViaPort tree in a dark, vacant store
*Glad to have bakery under its new owners
*Trump’s Carrier deal just corporate welfare
*Keep up fight against Trump’s sexist ways
*Thankful for people who stopped to help

Vote today (!) in Niskayuna, Duanesburg

Another election day for residents of two school districts; tax implications on the ballot

Charles Krauthammer: After a mere 25 years, the triumph of the West is over

December 1991 — communism died, the Cold War ended and the Soviet Union disappeared

Factor in other $$ in considering pay raise

*Factor in other $$ in considering pay raise
*Lessons from movie can apply to real life
*Time for liberals to accept election result
*Incivility a symptom of abandoning values
*Hunting for trophies nothing to celebrate

High Notes: Toys for Tots, Thanksgiving meals, Christmas trees for vets

Spotlighting the good being done in our communities

Linda Chavez: So far, Trump deserves mixed grades for transition

Donald Trump has made some good Cabinet appointments

George Will: Sensitivity police taking protection role to a new level

The word “inappropriate” is increasingly used inappropriately

Massacre coincides with casino opening

*Massacre coincides with casino opening
*Colleges should play at each other's arena
*Electoral College not reflective of real vote
*Never Trump still has important role to play
*Agree that patients must be listened to

Be diligent when sowing the seeds of change

One of the pleasures of long cold winter evenings is browsing through seed catalogs, planning for next year’s gardens.

SUNY needs its own version of the tax cap

After the Legislature put the brakes on five consecutive years of tuition hikes this year, SUNY trustees again want lawmakers to give SUNY schools permission to impose regular annual tuition increases for the next four years.

More can be done to stop bridge collisions

*More can be done to stop bridge collisions
*Whining protesters fear loss of privileges
*New York needs to split electoral votes
*Thanks for spotlight on clean water fight

State needs consistency on bed taxes

Inconsistent taxing system costs Clifton Park and other towns needed revenue

Gloversville tax cut includes services cut

*Gloversville tax cut includes services cut
*Fight state subsidies for old nuclear plants
*City needs to pick up leaves before snowfall
*Outcome shows need to have popular vote
*All of Clinton votes were illegal. It's true!

Tax break veto hurts the hungry

Cuomo shoots down tax break that could have netted needed surplus farm products for hungry families

Why no anger when white officer is shot?

*Why no anger when white officer is shot?
*Grateful for diverse choice of opinions
*Germans astonished by election of Trump
*Tonko should focus on affordable energy
*Protesters have good reasons to be upset
*Missing Christmas tree Rotterdam mall

Joe Conason: Petraeus leaks far more real and dangerous than Clinton’s

Donald Trump ranted constantly about the woman he smeared as “Crooked Hillary”

America is officially morally bankrupt

*America is officially morally bankrupt
*Remember sacrifices of police and veterans
*Great response from police on mall gunfire
*Show respect for all in wake of election
*Letters policy

A big victory for public access to records

Cuomo reverses course, signs bill to reduce delay tactics in release of public records

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