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No raise, no ethics reform. No surprise.

The state Legislature, already the third-highest-paid state government body in America, isn't getting a pay raise this year. They probably won't pass meaningful ethics reform, either.

Electoral College is archaic, undemocratic

*Electoral College is archaic, undemocratic
*AirBnb law protects the rights of tenants
*Trump has the power but not a mandate
*County administrator needs to be replaced
*Speak out against Cuomo's nuke plan
*Protestors need to get some perspective

We must condemn all acts of hatred

We don't know if there is true racial hatred brewing, or just thoughtless idiocy being exhibited by young pranksters who don't comprehend the incendiary potential of using the symbols and words of hate.

Charles Krauthammer: Trump, Republicans must find way to work together

Donald Trump won fair and square

Criticized factors could have given us Clinton

*Criticized factors could have given us Clinton
*Adjudicatory hearing for Halfmoon dump
*Next president must undo Obama failures
*Think before signing Alplaus fire petition

High Notes: Helping veterans and Italian earthquake victims

High Notes is a feature of The Gazette Opinion section that appears every Monday to spotlight the many good works being done by individuals and organizations in our communities

Yes, America, it can indeed happen here

*Yes, America, it can indeed happen here
*America needs leader to actually fix things
*Call for impeachment incites more division
*America must come together to survive
*Repealing Obamacare will harm poor, sick
*Grateful for care at new Ellis Emergency
*Letters policy

George Will: Election a disruptive yet ruinous triumph for the GOP

A loser who deserved to lose and a winner who did not deserve to win

What happens after the election is of greater import

Retaining sufficient objectivity to offer some cogent observations during this election cycle has been a trying experience to say the least.

Racing can't stop the killing

Every day, horses are killed on American race tracks. Every day.

National parks give us many gifts

After reading about the centennial of the United States National Park System, I realized the coverage has not always covered the most important part of the history of the parks.

Modification, not replacement, needed on Electoral College

With the news that Hillary Clinton has become the second Democratic presidential candidate in 16 years and the fifth candidate in history to win the popular vote but still lose the election, many are saying it’s time to get rid of the Electoral College and replace it with one-person/one-vote system.

Meat with antibiotics shouldn’t be served

*Meat with antibiotics shouldn’t be served
*Liberals just can’t see what really happened
*Blame Arab leaders for no Palestine state
*Trump conned voters and now must deliver

Protesters displaying disrespect for electoral process

Protesters displaying disrespect for electoral process

A lot of people were disappointed, and some downright depressed, about the outcome of Tuesday's presidential election.

Eugene Robinson: American experiment will soon be tested to the test

When the president-elect, Donald Trump, takes office and has to confront inconvenient reality, how will he react?

America got tired of liberal regulations

*America got tired of liberal regulations
*Vet: Today's America is not my America
*America fed up with the lack of leadership
*Thanks to Hamilton Hill Arts Ctr. for party
*Letters policy

Honor veterans with helpful legislation

Honor veterans with helpful legislation

Today is Veterans Day, a day not only to honor those who protect us from our enemies, but also to consider ways we as a nation can help over soldiers when they've completed their service.

Establishment gets its comeuppance

*Establishment gets its comeuppance
*Children respectful of Halloween candy bowl
*Strock needs to focus on other vital issues
*Low-income citizens still need Obamacare
*Letters policy

Sign fiasco is New York State's own fault

The feds have repeatedly been telling the state since 2013 that its new tourism promotion sign campaign violates strict federal guidelines for lettering, graphics and other factors.

FDR put election in proper perspective

*FDR put election in proper perspective
*"Best qualified" not always best president
*Report pension fund issue with Cuomo
*Glad to see Strock expressing opinions
*Letters policy

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