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Editorial: Bail reform would be fair, save taxpayers money

Saturday, Feb. 21, 2015
Non-vioilent suspects shouldn't be held in jail before trial without good reason

Investment in traffic upgrades will pay off

Friday, Feb. 20, 2015
*Investment in traffic upgrades will pay off
*Collins Park not good place to dump snow
*Rocket attack not a thing you ever forget
*Website not aimed at the people who vote
*Abortion no solution to women’s struggles
*Melted snow will find a path to waterways
*Polar vortex not new to study of climate
*Young reporters are making a big impact

Mona Charen: When evaluating foreign policy, ask who benefits most

Friday, Feb. 20, 2015
“Cui bono?” Who benefits?

Editorial: High Court right to overturn local sex offender laws

Friday, Feb. 20, 2015
Facts didn't support extra local restrictions on sex offenders

Susan Estrich: Presidents Day a celebration of more than individuals

Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015
The headline that caught my attention on Presidents Day could not have been starker, colder: “Intense Republican Hate Is Skewing Obama Polls.”

Froma Harrop: Consumer spending may never recover from shift to downsizing

Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015
A new report on consumer spending shows that consumers are not spending

Is draft the answer to fewer military actions

Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015
*Is draft the answer to fewer military actions
*SLOC’s South Pacific charming to the end
*Info available on how to protect monarchs
*Williams’ lies par for course in TV ‘news’
*Little harm dumping snow into Mohawk

Editorial: Clearing hydrants saves firefighters time

Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015
Help save a home from fire by giving firefighters easy access to hydrants

Linda Chavez: GOP endangers national security

Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015
Republicans won big in November on the hopes that a GOP-led Congress could counterbalance President Obama’s imperial presidency.

Lower gas prices not best for government

Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015
*Lower gas prices not best for government
*Don’t forget who is paying for the PILOTs
*Enjoyed photograph on Valentine’s Day
*Green energy will pay off in the long term
*Attack on Christians by writer undeserved

Guest Column: Theft of medical data imperils credit, health

Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015
There's more to cyberhacking of medical records than meets the eye

Editorial: AG bill would reduce abandoned properties

Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015
"Zombie" bill would force lenders to maintain properties during foreclosure process

Charles Krauthammer: Obama makes weak excuses for U.S. inaction on brutality

Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015
His secretary of defense says "the world is exploding all over."

Legalizing MMA will send wrong message

Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015
*Legalizing MMA will send wrong message
*U.S. ground troops a must to destroy ISIS
*Don't let Cuomo take away kids' education
*Human interest takes a backseat in letters
*Elect candidates who back green energy

Editorial: With limits, chickens can live in town

Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015
People who want to raise chickens must realize the impact on neighbors and accept restrictions

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