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Get together to solve looming teacher shortage

Ask 100 people to come up with the reasons for the looming teacher shortage in New York and potential solutions to it, and you’ll likely get 100 different answers.

Debate questions should include one on government transparency

President sets the tone for open government at all levels

Don't just rely on stars when picking a nursing home

Plenty of resources available to find most suitable place for yourself or loved one

Where was Cuomo?

If the governor didn't know about corruption in this major project, why didn't he?

What's taking so long on Schenectady mayor's chase investigation?

Four months seems a long time for citizens, parties to wait for resolution

Glenville's early budget forum gives citizens input

How often have you picked up the paper, only to learn that your taxes were going up next year or that the town was planning to add two police officers or cut money for pothole repairs?

Ethics: Hold candidates accountable

New York officially tops in corruption; hold candidates' feet to fire on plans to change it

Not easy getting control over school violence

You can’t fault the state for not taking the problem of school violence seriously and for not actively trying to address it.

Is the Schenectady County Airport fence worth $427,500?

It's one of those small, hardly noticeable government expenditures that leaves you scratching your head.

New York non-voters blew their big chance

When our state legislators come back to Albany later this year and start in with their usual dysfunctional, unethical shenanigans, everyone will be whining and complaining.

Expansion of government broadcasts a positive step

Public should take advantage of new opportunity to view agency meetings online

Pass vital bill to empower more voters

Voter Empowerment Act would make it easier, faster, more convenient to vote

New York must close fracking loophole

New York state should brush up on its local history, as it continues to drag its feet on calls to ban the importation of waste from fracking operations.

High Notes: Earthquake relief, gun locks, backpacks for kids

Spotlighting the good being done in our communities

No excuses acceptable for slow response in Hoosick Falls

Since when does New York take a back seat to anyone when it comes to enforcing rules and regulations?

Fire officers who killed woodchuck

Troy cops showed sadistic behavior running down animal on golf course

It's primary time ... again

State's third primary of the year on Tuesday features state Legislature

Saratoga Springs's form of government must go

Commission government is outdated, inefficient, not representative

Use Schenectady casino windfall to lower taxes

Schenectady officials promised to use money for tax relief, not additional spending.

Open up more land to nature lovers

Whenever we discuss the struggle between man and the environment, we're often talking about destroying wildlife habitats through overdevelopment or pollution, or through our own careless abuse.

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