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State attorney general should investigate mayor vehicle pursuit

As each second unwinds in the riveting 911 audio tape of the frantic woman being chased through the dark streets of Schenectady by Mayor Gary McCarthy, more questions keep racing through your head.

New York can make do with less government

New York state residents concerned about the growing cost of government as a result of duplicating services and overlapping administrations sure aren't showing their displeasure at the polls.

Hold off on funding of solar project

Too many questions to answer before releasing $485.5 million in taxpayer money

High Notes

Spotlighting the good being done in our communities

Governor seeks reasonable changes to alcohol law

Let’s try to get inside the head of the New York state legislator who came up with the idea to limit the sale of alcohol on Sundays to no earlier than noon.

In fairness, Tampon Tax needs to go

Women shouldn't be singled out for a state tax on a necessary item

Lessons to be learned from arrest

SCCC president's DWI arrest raises questions about handling of matter

Better uses of time than cat declawing bill

Lawmakers waste time with unnecessary bill while other pressing matters go unresolved

Bus company has right to its own video

City can't justify withholding video from company that shot it

Want to make a difference? Vote today

School elections give citizens a genuine opportunity to effect change

It’s time to end parade of lawmakers headed to prison

One argument in favor of tough sentencing for public corruption is that it will send a message to other politicians that such conduct will not be tolerated.

Better late than never for DA to step aside in Troy shooting case

It took a while, but Rensselaer County District Attorney Joel Abelove appears to have finally done what he should have done weeks ago, no questions asked: let New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman investigate the fatal police shooting of a Troy man.

World needs to tackle danger of Russian disinformation

Fifteen years ago, the idea that foreign disinformation might be a problem for European countries seemed ludicrous.

High Notes

Spotlighting the good being done in our communities

Police shouldn’t be allowed to access phones, even in crashes

Every time the government cracks open the door into our private lives, they eventually fling open the windows.

AG should investigate all cop shootings

Questions arise even in cases where suspect is armed

Cursing at players not appropriate, effective

District right to take action over verbally abusive coaches

Day care crackdown long overdue

New bill has tighter controls, stiffer penalties, more transparency for day care centers

Modify tax cap to help taxpayers

Flaws in formula actually work against taxpayers

Now will they get the message?

Silver sentencing shows corrupt lawmakers that they'll be punished severely for their crimes

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