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Primary endorsement: Clinton has experience to lead nation

Primary endorsement: Clinton has experience to lead nation

There's a single description on which Democratic voters should focus Tuesday when it comes to Hillary Clinton and her quest to become the party's nominee for president of the United States. "Most qualified."

Act quickly on lax nurse discipline

New York needs background checks, tougher sanctions to protect patients

Stop stonewalling on fire documents

Continued withholding of documents in fatal Jay Street fire raises suspicions

Time to let NYRA run free

Association has earned independence, with a few conditions to ensure transparency, local control

Tighten the reins on sex offenders

New bill would keep sex offenders on registry longer, allow local governments to regulate where they live

Make primary process more democratic

Party rules are rigged to reduce the role of actual voters in selecting candidates for president

High Notes

Spotlighting the good being done in our communities

Airport ramp money could be better spent elsewhere

Given the rapidly deteriorating and significantly dangerous condition of many of New York’s roads and bridges, it seems absurd that the state would decide this year to throw $50 million at a decades-old plan to make it a little easier to get to Albany International Airport.

Schoharie Board: Listen to the stories

Residents, former residents show passion over potential deal with mining company

Get to root of Nicholaus Building's near collapse

Source of Nicholaus building's instability needs to be found to prevent future tragedy

Return more of windfall to taxpayers

Tax break in wake of windfall would help boost district

Minimum wage, family leave a hit at New York businesses

Higher minimum wage, family leave make New York even less business-friendly than before

Exams will take time to change

No more need for opt-out protests as change is finally taking place on standardized testing

Give parking garage talks more time

Saratoga Springs council should continue listening to modifications that could improve High Rock project

High Notes

Spotlighting the good being done in our communities

Provide better answer on impact of PCB dredging

The GE dredging project was supposed to produce tangible improvements in the PCB-related damage done to the environment, including to the fish and other wildlife.

Lake Placid should resist the urge to relive the glory days of 1980 Olympics

Hosting a modern Olympics, even a partial one, could be a nightmare for small village

Gov. Cuomo stands up for LGBT rights

Cuomo's protest of North Carolina law reminiscent of gay marriage fight

Inspections, higher fees a good idea in this case

Protection of Lake George financially and environmentally sound policy

State budget process has costly impact

State is spending your money without telling you where or giving you a chance to comment on it

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