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Let the (fantasy) games begin

Legislature imposes taxes and regulations to protect consumers from online fantasy sports

High Notes

Spotlighting the good being done in our communities

No reason to ban highly regulated gun show in Saratoga

It’s easy — in the wake of the Orlando massacre and other recent mass shootings — to assume that every state and every gun shop and every gun show in America operates under the same lax rules.

What's so wrong with dress codes?

Imposing a minimum standard for dress is legitimate

Stop funding of unneeded Blenheim Bridge

Government has more pressing needs for money than a replica bridge

Pay heed to the dangers of fireworks and sparklers

Thousands injured each year, including children, by careless use of dangerous explosives

SCCC board neglected to serve the public

Lengthy delay in reporting president's DWI was clear attempt to hide bad news for sake of events

Make voices heard on state legislator pay raises

Legislative pay hikes almost inevitable unless citizens speak up

Supreme Court decision empowers political corruption

Ruling will make it harder for prosecutors to go after crooked politicians

Sign bill allowing CDTA to oversee taxi service

Taxi service in our region leaves something to be desired, judging from surveys done of passengers.

Remembering Korea, the 'Forgotten War'

War began 66 years ago today

New York indigent defense bill rights wrongs

If you're looking for a sliver of evidence that there might be hope for our state Legislature after all, look no further than a bill that not only ensures adequate legal representation for poor people, but also provides financial relief to local taxpayers.

Consistency needed on New York tobacco sales

New York state has one drinking age. One minimum age at which people are eligible to drive. One age at which you can vote.

Surprise! New York ethics law is weak tea

If you honestly thought state lawmakers were going to pass effective legislation to force themselves to become more ethical and remove the stain of corruption from the halls of the capitol, well, you fell for it again.

No residency requirement for schools

While it would be nice if teachers and administrators lived within their districts, it shouldn't be mandatory

High Notes

Spotlighting the good being done in our communities

Words matter

An underlying theme among some commentators in the wake of the Orlando terrorist attack is that words don’t matter.

Keep free speech flowing

Government, college campuses getting in the act of shutting down opposing voices

Legislative session again disappoints

Lawmakers failed to pass much significant legislation this year

Mix alcohol and movies with caution

Allowing alcohol in dark movie theater poses potential problems for patrons, staff

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