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Union College/city dispute part of larger issue

Non-profits that use substantial amounts of public services should have to pay the city in some capacity.

Easy voting, clear election rules not so much to ask

For a few unprecedented weeks in April, New York was the center of the primary process.

Froma Harrop: Let’s break away from identity politics

Both parties sort voters by color and gender

Susan Estrich: Easy to understand why youth love Bernie

Why do Democrats love Bernie Sanders?

Linda Chavez: Putting the politics of gender above the reality of nature

Curt Schilling, sports commentator and former Major League Baseball pitcher allegedly made “transphobic” comments on Facebook, fired

Froma Harrop: Media must not ignore silent majority

Before Bernie Sanders lost badly in the New York primary, 27,000 souls filled Washington Square Park, many wildly cheering him on

George Will: Forfeiting free speech for ‘settled’ consensus du jour

Authoritarianism, always latent in progressivism, is becoming explicit

Pope boldly moving the church forward

Pope Francis is rightly acclaimed for his affable, down-to-earth, conspicuously humble and self-effacing demeanor, as well as for his gift of leading quietly, mostly with words offering hope.

Save our healthy old trees

Save our healthy old trees

Arbor Day is celebrated this week, with much praise for planting new trees. However, just as society discounts the value of its senior citizens, Schenectady City Hall has been taking our grand old street trees for granted and, worse, euthanizing them in the name of “streetscape improvement.”

David Harsanyi: Democrats win war of words by corrupting the language

Humans have been using euphemisms ever since Adam first “knew” Eve

Richard Cohen: Republicans would unify around Trump at their peril

“What are you going to do about Trump?”

David Harsanyi: Obama Administration shouldn’t apologize for Hiroshima

Secretary of State John Kerry toured the Hiroshima Peace Memorial and Museum

George Will: No secrecy for history

Dispute about government secrecy

Froma Harrop: Bring back the charm of this old house

They demand granite countertops. We don’t.

Getting tougher on sex offenders won’t help problem

The editorial, “Tighten the reins on sex offenders,” in the April 14 edition of The Daily Gazette encourages support for legislation that will do just that.

Linda Chavez: Despite rhetoric, trade benefits American consumers

“Trade” has become a dirty word in this year’s presidential race

Charles Krauthammer: Republicans: Get ready for the upcoming train wreck

Yes, the big Wisconsin story is Ted Cruz’s crushing 13-point victory

Froma Harrop: Women's names belong in certain stories

Hulk Hogan's successful suit against Gawker or Donald Trump's rumble with a gossip writer

Ombudsman needed to link community, casino operator

While there are some who believe that the siting of a casino is an important cornerstone of the city’s and county’s renaissance, there are others who regard it as risky and problematic.

Take advantage of quiet times to renew yourself

When we retired to Sharon Springs, we had no idea we were moving to Brigadoon. Like Lake Wobegone, here the women are strong, the men good-looking, and I can tell you from working at the local school that all the children are above average.

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