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Linda Chavez: Trump and Clinton poor messengers on law and order

Trump has tried to make “law and order” one of his signature

Froma Harrop: California could lower drug prices for us all

Washington’s tolerance for — and protection of — price gouging on drugs

Jennifer Rubin: Voters learned plenty from Trump’s awful debate night

Winner of the post-debate spin is as important as the winner of the actual debate

Froma Harrop: Could Britain be fourth NAFTA member?

How about NAFTA?

You can not vote and still complain. But vote anyway.

On Primary Day earlier this month, Gov. Andrew Cuomo spoke briefly to reporters about the importance of voting — a topic dear to my heart.

Eugene Robinson: Don't let Trump undo vital progress on climate change

Scientists are confident that 2016 will be the hottest year

Charles Krauthammer: Hillary sharpens, Trump softens. He’s rising, she’s not

Attack. Relentlessly. Paint your opponent as extremist, volatile, clueless, unfit, dangerous

George Will: Road to GOP keeping control of U.S. Senate could run through Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is flecked with casualties the stubborn economic sluggishness

Complain all you want; The problem lies with us

For a nation that sees itself as the pinnacle of democratic self-government, we have some very odd ways of going about proving it.

David Brooks: Cynicism and fear reflected in our choice of candidates

Main candidates, Clinton and Trump, are remarkably distrustful

Susan Estrich: A lawyer's role is to represent, not judge

Representing a friend being sued for sexual harassment

Charles Krauthammer: Obama brought disrespect from China upon himself

President forced to exit through back of the plane.

George Will: IRS commissioner’s actions justify rare impeachment

Impeaching the IRS commissioner

Singing, good or bad, for the love of performing

There are some things we all are fond of that we don’t advertise.

Linda Chavez: Voters have themselves to blame for quality of candidates

In a democracy, we generally get the leaders we deserve.

George Will: Presidents continue to violate Constitution over money

Washington feels exempt (e.g., the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act).

Froma Harrop: EpiPen scandal must prompt citizens and Congress to act

Seller of the EpiPen is now going to offer a generic alternative costing 50 percent less

Charles M. Blow: Trump shows his duplicity with shift on immigration

Donald Trump is the internet troll of presidential politics

Joe Conason: Gullible media misled by phony Foundation “scandal”

Americans may now believe the Clinton Foundation was set up as a “pay to play” scheme

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