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John Strossel: Immigration is actually a positive thing for America

Sunday, Aug. 16, 2015
Yikes, you really hate me!

Art could get the message through to state on the environment

Sunday, Aug. 16, 2015
Artists have always been avant-garde, often political, out of the mainstream, burrs under the saddle. Even pains in the backside, to tell the truth.

Don’t succumb to the fear-mongers

Sunday, Aug. 16, 2015
A recent cartoon in this newspaper depicted two cavemen talking with each other. “Think about it! All this intertribal violence, volcanoes, earthquakes, asteroids, tar pits, getting eaten by dinosaurs . . . it’s the end times, my friend!”

George Will: Easily hidden small subsidies add up to big spending

Saturday, Aug. 15, 2015
You probably never knew of the federal funding of museums commemorating America’s long-gone whaling industry.

Joe Conason: Iran deal: Good or bad for Israel? Look who’s against it

Friday, Aug. 14, 2015
Hardline Islamists in the Islamic Republic are delighted with the deal while Israelis concerned

Mona Charen: Planned Parenthood’s defenders dishonest at the core

Thursday, Aug. 13, 2015
Displaying grisly photographs of aborted babies was the wrong way to make the pro-life case

Froma Harrop: GOP right provides Trump’s warm-up act

Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2015
“You’ve been at this too long, honey.” Briscoe replies. “He’s dead.”

Susan Estrich: Is it possible that Hillary Clinton could actually lose?

Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2015
Acknowledging that the former Secretary of State is not made entirely of Teflon

E.J. Dionne: Obama’s deal with Iran a referendum on use of diplomacy vs. confrontation

Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2015
Whydid President Obama gave such a passionate and, yes, partisan speech on behalf of the Iran nuclear deal

George Will: Novels offer non-fiction view of drug war

Sunday, Aug. 9, 2015
Don Winslow, novelist and conscientious objector to America’s longest “war,” was skeptical when he was in Washington on a recent Sunday morning

Selective minimum wage hike not the answer for American workers

Sunday, Aug. 9, 2015
Regular readers of my columns will note that I'm a huge supporter of the minimum wage for both economic and moral reasons. But the recent wage board ruling for fast-food workers to receive $15 per hour has put me in a bind.

Eugene Robinson: Debate showed why Trump is leader of the GOP pack

Saturday, Aug. 8, 2015
It was billed as The Donald Trump Show, and the Republican front-runner delivered

Joe Conason: Attorney General must find source of Hillary email leak

Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015
In the aftermath of the discredited New York Times story about a “criminal referral” regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails, a few important questions stand out, among many that remain unanswered

Susan Estrich: Candidates take risks with debate tactics

Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015
What should you look for if you happen to be one of those dedicated Americans who watches “primary” debates?

Richard Cohen: Biden may have aged out of another presidential run

Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2015
The vice president of the United States, if he has kept up his exercise regimen, should be in splendid shape

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