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October 5, 2012 Poll Results

Should the government cut funding to public broadcasting?

Yes 47% 183 votes
No 52% 201 votes
Total: 384 Votes

Note: This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.


October 6, 2012
10:42 a.m.

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I'd like to say no to cutting their funding because I think they deserve something, but when I heard they already get almost half a billion dollars every year, well, that's just a bit too much to ask from the taxpayers. What in the world are they doing with all that money, plus the money from their frequent fund-raisers?

October 6, 2012
11:23 a.m.

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PBS means so much to many poor and isolated families and provides excellent educational shows. Take away public funding and the advertisers take over. TLC which began life as The Learning Channel with shows about NASA now gives us Honey Boo Boo. Keep PBS pure.

October 8, 2012
9 a.m.

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There are many MANY more bloated parts of the national budget that could be cut, and should be cut.

October 8, 2012
9:14 a.m.

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In today's day of social services, section 8, EBT......the days of poor being without television and educational television are over....In Schenectady when you see satellite and Time Warner vans at the Section 8 housing...PBS becomes obsolete....In the days before pay and cable tv.40 years ago..PBS was a needed function in society..Since the days of the late 60's early 70's television has evolved just as the safety nets and the social services to the indigent and the poor....What has not evolved is PBS.....One would have to be a fool to not see the funding comes from corporations as does so called private television....PBS is today a luxury the taxpayer can not afford.....

October 8, 2012
3:05 p.m.

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And the dumbing down of America continues.

I can't believe that at a time when our education system is failing, they would take away the only educational TV that's left.
If you are really sincere about kids learning English, that certainly isn't going to help.

PBS is only 0.012% of the budget, and has taught more kids basic language skills than you could shake a stick at.
Far more money than that is spent on perks like free mailings, haircuts, travel, meals etc for senators and congressmen than that.

Eliminating PBS will do NOTHING to help balance the budget.

The same "people" who are anti PBS, are the same ones who are rooting for Romney, who wants to give the Pentagon $2.1 TRILLION more than they even asked for.

Romney is advocating INCREASING the deficit by $2.1 TRILLION, right out of the box, FOR NO APPARENT REASON.

You guys should be loving PBS right now.
They handed Romney that debate on a silver platter.

October 8, 2012
8 p.m.

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Public Radio is the only place that I have been able to listen to the weekly address by the president, followed by a reply from someone of the opposite party.

Through presidents both Republican and Democrat, I have continued to hear both parties represented weekly on public radio.

Public redio and television are the only TRULY "fair and balanced" media outlets.

October 9, 2012
8:46 a.m.

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As a communications major, NPR does not give a whole lot of air space to representing Republican's views, they are hardly "fair and balanced".

October 9, 2012
9:16 p.m.

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No kidding J.D.....there is no fair and balanced and if you think Public TV is making the difference..You are out of touch in society and need to get out of your cocoon..of safety in the small world you have created...

October 11, 2012
1:59 p.m.

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When a party rep's repeated response to interview requests is "no response" or "no comment", they can hardly turn around and cry about not being represented.

I saw "Frontline" on WMHT last night about the two contenders for president. I don't know how anyone could see it and not come away with a positive image of Romney ... so much for public broadcasting being bashers of conservatives.

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