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Watch Clinton, Trump at the Al Smith dinner

Donald Trump got booed. Hillary Clinton delivered some jabs. And all at a charity dinner attended by Catholic bishops. See the whole thing:

Foss Forward

Perazzo: Sexual assault never not important issue

It takes courage to share a story of sexual assault.

Foss Forward

NFL Picks, Week 7

Some teams are good, some teams are not

Today on the Internet

America's favorite Halloween candy, state by state

What Halloween candy does your state love the most?

Your Right to Know

Who's bankrolling the candidates?

State and federal websites offer details on candidate donations, spending


Forget pumpkin spice — it’s real pumpkin season

My daughter came home for a few days last week and while we were out doing errands she bought herself some sort of pumpkin spice coffee.

Today on the Internet

A haunting Icelandic hymn from 1208

An Icelandic indie-rock band's performance of a native hymn written in 1208 at a German train station made it to the front page of Reddit this morning.

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Watching “Shin Godzilla”

An exciting Japanese reboot

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