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Phishing for arrests

Three nights of performances by Phish at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center kept law enforcement busy.

The incidents included one death due to a drug overdose.

Below is a breakdown of arrests:

New York State Park Police

1 A-II Felony Charge (Drugs Related)

11 B Felony Charges (All Drugs Related)

16 C Felony Charges (All Drugs Related)

4 D Felony Charges (All Drugs Related)

30 A Misdemeanor Charges

28 Drug Related Misdemeanor Charges

1 Forcible Touching

1 Resisting Arrest

95 Violations

Saratoga Springs Police Department

75 Vehicle and Traffic Stops

50 Uniform Traffic Tickets (UTT)

26 Penal Law arrests (Drug related)

Various Drugs Encountered: LSD, MDMA (ecstasy), Mushrooms,

Hash, Ketamine, Bath Salts, Cocaine, Heroin, Nitrous Oxide

New York State Police

3 Penal Law arrests (Drug related)

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