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Halfmoon supervisor will take a leave of absence

Halfmoon Supervisor Mindy Wormuth is taking a 30-day leave of absence, according to Halfmoon Town Board member Craig Hayner.

He was notified of the absence by town attorney Lyn Murphy, who informed Hayner that Wormuth had a doctor's note saying she had to be out office for the next 30 days. The absence comes amidst the town's budget process, a federal investigation into her and calls from the town board for her to resign.

Wormuth did not immediately respond to a call for comment about the absence.

Hayner said the town board members are going to step up in Wormuth's absence during the budget process, which is overseen by the supervisor. As a result, he said the board members have become more involved in the overall budget process. "We're looking at every line right now," he said.

"I have no doubt we'll pass an on-time budget," Hayner said. ""We have diligently been acting on behalf of our constituents in her absence."

The board members will not be able to make up Wormuth's presence on the county board of supervisors. Hayner expressed serious concerns about Halfmoon losing its vote in the county government for the next month. Her vote will be considered a "no vote" while she is gone, said Hayner.

"[The town board] said twice that she should resign," he said. "I absolutely think she should resign."

Based on when Wormuth handed in the doctor's note, Hayner expects her to return to office around Nov. 11. She will then have about 50 days left in office, as her term ends this year and she isn't seeking reelection.

Nothing on the Halfmoon website clearly indicates Wormuth is taking a leave of absence. Additionally, members of the media were not sent a press release, which is traditionally done with town announcements.

When the town board called on her to resign last month, Wormuth called it a ridiculous request. She said in a statement at the time, "I have always fought hard for the people of Halfmoon, and in my tenure have prevented a town tax and increased services to the residents. I intend to continue to do the job I was elected to do in the position I was elected to until my term expires. I respectfully request that each of the board member do theirs by continuing to work with me to serve our town."

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