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Ducks invade CVS in Saratoga

A brace of ducks wandered into a CVS in Saratoga Springs recently.

Ducks in the spa city are well known for the sense of entitlement, as they cross streets wherever and whenever they want, but a video captures them being even more emboldened. The 30-second clip shows the ducks aimlessly spending time in the CVS, which is located just a few blocks from Congress Park, where many reside.

According to a description with the video, the incident occurred on Thursday night and involved about 50 ducks that made it through the automated doors. In the video you can see a store employee using a cleaning device to try to usher the ducks out and you can hear someone talking about leading the ducks out with popcorn.

"There was no serious damage to the store, except for a small amount of mud that the ducks tracked in on their webbed feet," reads the description on the video.

With winter coming up, it is likely the ducks were just stopping by the CVS to stock up on supplies for any migration they have in mind for the winter.

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Ducks! (screenshot)

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