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It's over! We reached St. Augustine

Yesterday (May 2) Woman Tour's Southern Tier cross country bike tour ended in St. Augustine, Florida, at the beautiful Atlantic beaches of Anastasia Park.

Top 5 best and worst things about the tour

Ok, what were the top 5 worst and best things about the tour?

Only a week to go

I find it hard to believe that this tour is almost over. I have 7 cycling days left. That is, if my bike behaves.

Surprise Schenectady connection in Louisiana

The tour had a day off in St. Francisville, Louisiana, a small, charming village on a ridge overlooking the Mississippi River. There, I found a Schenectady connection.

Beautiful wildflowers in Texas

Texas does a pretty good job of picking up litter along roadways, and the wildflowers add a colorful touch.

Hell on wheels

From a sublime experience cycling in the Davis Mountains to hell on wheels -- chipseal.

Rattlesnakes and cactus

Schenectady's Pat Rush is now cycling through Texas with the group, and reports that they may take 20 days just to cross the wide expanse of the Lone Star State.

Windy, dusty ride

You learn some pretty odd things on a trip across America. I learned about wind.

We're in New Mexico and out of the extreme heat

Moving 30 cyclists across America, their luggage for 2 months, their bicycles, requires staff, vehicles, and planning. Especially since dinners and many breakfasts are cooked out of a chuck wagon.

'Larry' and the unicyclist

The desert seems to attract the oddballs, the characters, the misfits, the marginal.

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