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UPDATE: Gillibrand supports Senate gun control measures

U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-NY, spoke out today for common sense gun control legislation.

"My friends, it is simply time to act. Today is the day for this body to show the American people their voices matter. That when 90 percent of Americans demand us to expand background checks that we can deliver. We should be able to agree today that we no longer need military style weapons and ammunition clips on our streets," she said on the floor of the Senate.

A video of her remarks are available below.

"We can all agree – this simply makes no sense and leaves all of our communities vulnerable. All across this country, in small towns and big cities, families are saying “enough is enough” – that it’s time to get serious and do something to prevent the next tragedy," Gillibrand said.

"Now we can," she said. "Our bipartisan Stop Illegal Trafficking in Firearms Act would empower law enforcement to investigate and prosecute illegal gun traffickers, straw purchasers and their entire criminal networks. This bill is not everything that I wanted when I set out on this mission in 2009, but it is a good bipartisan compromise. And it is a compromise that I urge my colleagues to support."

UPDATE after cloture motion on legislation failed: Gillibrand called the failure to reach a simple majority vote "deeply disappointing."

“Today was a missed opportunity to take comprehensive action towards ending senseless, deadly gun violence with truly common sense reforms that do nothing to infringe upon the Second Amendment rights of law abiding citizens," Gillibrand said in a statement on Wednesday.

“When 9 out of 10 Americans urge us to act on expanding background checks, and the majority of Americans urge us to get military style assault weapons and ammunition clips of the streets and we still can’t summon the political will to act, this body is more broken than ever before," she said. "When even a measure to end the flow of illegal weapons through gun trafficking rings that's widely supported by law enforcement gets voted down on the Senate floor you have to wonder where common sense has gone in the Senate."

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