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Redrawing Schenectady's election districts

Schenectady County residents could find it easier to vote in 2014 because of county Board of Election plans for a major overhaul of election districts.

Next week the board will start public meetings to redraw and reduce the county’s 120 election districts. This major overhaul is being implemented to create polling sites that are convenient for voters and not overly burdened on Election Day.

A complete story on this process will be in the Sunday issue of the Daily Gazette. A full schedule of meetings can be found on the county BOE's website.

Below is a letter the Schenectady County Board of Elections sent out, where they lay out their plans.

Schenectady County BOE Letter by

Towns and cities are broken up into election districts, which serve as the basis for local, state and national legislative boundaries. The districts also are used to organize voting, with a person’s polling site based on what election district they live in. In some cases voters need to travel outside of their election district to vote, because some polling sites serve multiple districts.

Schenectady County’s election districts have evolved in a piecemeal fashion. “We have election districts that are very odd in shape and no longer correspond to where the polling site is. We have people who live in an election district and are voting in a poll site that is fairly far removed from the district,” said Schenectady County Board of Elections Democratic Commissioner Brian Quail.

One example of the inconvenience is the 24th election district in Glenville, which includes the Glen Oaks neighborhood. The district practically touches a polling site, the Beukendaal Fire Department, but voters are sent to vote at the East Glenville Community Church. Redrawn lines might be able to minimize the amount of inconvenient voting.

Below are the list of polling site.

Schenectady County Poll Sites by

Restructuring election districts also will allow for a more even distribution of population. As of last week, the county’s smallest district had 369 voters and the largest had 1,219 voters.

Below is a breakdown of each election district by population.

Schenectady County ED Population by

Below are the maps of all the election districts, organized by town or city, in Schenectady County.

Duanesburg Election Districts by

Glenville Election Districts by DailyGazette

Niskayuna Election Districts by

Princetown Election Districts by

Rotterdam Election District Maps by

City of Schenectady Election District Maps by

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