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Political fundraising off the shutdown

America can't afford another shutdown, according to an email from the campaign of U.S. Rep. Paul Tonko, D-Amsterdam.

In order to prevent another one, his campaign is asking for money to support House candidates Gwen Graham and Erin Bilbray, who are Democrats running against Republicans that voted against legislation that would end the shutdown. The email blast encourages me to "rush a contribution" so these Democrats can get a good start with their campaigns.
This is not the only request for campaign funds that is based on

"It’s time to put an end to holding our government hostage," reads the campaign email. "But the only way to do that is to change Washington. Let’s start the movement for change right now: rush a contribution to Gwen Graham and Erin Bilbray. Any dollar amount will help in fighting back against these radicals."

This is not a unique request, as politicians and political groups on both sides of the aisle are already trying to spin the shutdown to their advantage. But it does reinforce the likelihood that the shutdown, and the possible next shutdown when the temporary agreement runs out, could be a major issue in the November 2014 elections.

It's possible, though, that some other issue will be captivating the minds of voters and this will be a long forgotten memory.

The conventional wisdom is that this issue would benefit Democratic candidates, but the Democratic party has had a tough time winning the war of words on the national level for a long time, so it's not a guarantee that the shutdown will give them an electoral edge next year.

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October 21, 2013
10:56 a.m.

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Actually, you might want to look up what Ted Cruz has done. He has been raking in the big bucks from his most recent attempt at financial terrorism. He was bragging about his exploits even as the votes were being taken in the House. He has made millions for his antics.

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