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The newsroom: One intern's perspective

The following account is from Tiernan Foley, a Niskayuna senior who spent the last several months with us as a newsroom intern.

I've been reading the paper for years, but I would have never thought I would meet the writers. That's right, I have crossed the threshold into the writing zone. I entered the building of the Daily Gazette.

The only news building I have ever seen the inside of was from watching "All the Presidents Men," but this building did not have that same 1970s jive; it was the hot spot of information that would permeate the area the following morning. Before I began interning, I was ecstatic to see all the news happen before everyone else, I was beyond excited to be a step ahead of everyone else.

While I sat at my desk, I would always overhear the drama involved with a story. Reporters would type away, make phone calls, and inevitably say "This person will not return my call, I can't finish the story." Yet the next morning the story would be there, I guess perseverance pays off as a journalist. The more you heckle, the better the journalist you'll be.

The more I became accustomed to the office, the more thrilled I was to go. It was a nice step up from my Regents journalism class, I was actually surrounded by people who knew what inverted pyramid was or that there was a missing airplane, for God sake, people died! Being around people who actually care about what is going on in the world, is well, more relaxing if anything.

The staff could find a story in just about everything. After a few reporters won an AP award, instead of being concerned with the award they won, they were focused on making it into a story for the following day. The impeccable staff is constantly getting work done; it goes to show you that news to you can be news to anyone.

My time here has been swell, but unfortunately this is my last day. I will always be able to identify events with my time here, especially the day when yogurt became the state snack. Now it's time for me to hear the news the same time as everyone else. Farewell to all.

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