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Sara Foss's Thinking It Through
by Sara Foss

Thinking It Through

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Time for Log Bay Day to go away

Out-of-control Log Bay Day has worn out its welcome.

Cats! at the Worcester Art Museum

All it took to get me to go there was a cat-themed exhibition titled “Meow.”

Self-driving cars? I’m not sold

Self-driving cars a great concept; I'm just not sure it'll work.

Teaching mental health good idea

Requiring teaching mental health in school is a great idea.

Cold water

Swimming on my vacation

Garden excess is put to good use

There comes a time, usually in late July, when my little community garden plot starts producing more squash and zucchini than my husband and I can possibly eat.

Rio not all fun and games

Midway through the Olympics, I’ve lost my enthusiasm for traveling to Rio.

Paid parking not really bad idea

I hate paying for parking.
Doesn’t everybody?

'Hooligan Sparrow' provokes, while 'Raiders!' delights

Two recent documentaries at the Madison Theater in Albany.

Sewer and water infrastructure woes mounting

New York state's water infrastructure needs are “tremendous.”

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