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Super Bowl pick

I am picking the San Francisco 49ers to win the Super Bowl for a very simple reason: I don’t like the Ravens.

Which isn’t a particularly good reason to pick the 49ers.

The Ravens are clearly a formidable football team, and they’re playing extremely well. Of course, I am still reeling from the beating they gave the Patriots, so perhaps they’re not as good as I think they are. After all, Joe Flacco is their quarterback! But Flacco is on a roll, and the Ravens have some talented offensive pieces, as well as an all-world defense. So I’m not going to discourage anyone from picking the Ravens to win the Super Bowl. Because they definitely have the talent to win.

But so do the 49ers. They have a promising young quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, who can run and throw and seems totally unfazed by his sudden success. I had some doubts when San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh decided to replace the competent Alex Smith with Kaepernick, but I now see that it was the right decision, and that Kaepernick, unlike Smith, has the potential to be a great quarterback. The 49ers are also blessed with a great defense and a great offense, and I don’t see any reason why they can’t win the Super Bowl. Of course, I’ve been impressed with them ever since they marched into Foxborough and beat the Patriots on their home turf.

Because the Ravens and 49ers seem evenly matched, I’m going to pick the storyline I like the best. Here’s the storyline I don’t like: “Ray Lewis goes out on top after a distinguished 17 year career blah blah blah Joe Flacco proves he’s one of the game’s elite quarterbacks blah blah blah Bernard Pollard is a defensive game changer blah blah blah.” And here’s the storyline I do like: “After starting just nine games, little known QB Colin Kaepernick leads one of the league’s great franchises to its first Super Bowl victory since 1984.”

So anyway. Go 49ers!

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