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Can These Sox Be Trusted?

Last month, a miracle occurred: the Boston Red Sox roared to a 20-8 start, snagging the best record in baseball. The pitching staff, which fans wanted to collectively murder last season, was lights out, with Clay Buchholz looking like the best pitcher in baseball. David Ortiz appeared to have visited the fountain of youth while recovering from injury. New pieces such as Mike DiNapoli seemed to be fitting in well. Some players, such as Will Middlebrooks, were clearly struggling, but these struggles seemed of little concern, as the Sox appeared to have depth, talent and a certain amount of gumption and likability.

Now, of course, the Sox have come back down to earth. After dominating April, they have won just two of their last 10 games. They’ve lost both of their closers to injury, and once-promising pitchers such as Felix Doubront have been downright terrible. The lack of power from players such as Jacoby Ellsbury is becoming tiresome, as is the team’s inability to score with runners in position. For fans, the regression is frustrating.

Of course, nobody expected the Red Sox to be particularly good this season, so perhaps the team’s terrific start raised expectations a little too high. As my dad said, “Who expected the Red Sox to have an awesome April?” And the answer is: Well, nobody, that’s who. The main question people were batting around pre-season was, “Can the Sox stay out of last place?” and “Will fans hate this year’s team as much as last year’s?” In any case, April baseball doesn’t really matter all that much, as long as the team improves over the course of the season and doesn’t break your heart by staging a horrific collapse in September.

From what I’ve seen thus far, the Red Sox are a team worth rooting for. They’ve got good young pieces, and decent veterans, and the starting pitching staff is, on the whole, quite good, especially since the team banished Alfredo Aceves. I’m optimistic that they will make the playoffs, and play pretty decent baseball for much of the season. Can you trust them? Well, only time will tell. But I’m feeling good about them right now.


Now that the Celtics are out of the playoffs, I have settled upon a team to root for. The Golden State Warriors! After watching them beat the Spurs in overtime yesterday, I am officially on the bandwagon. Steph Curry is awesome. Andrew Bogut is playing really well. Klay Thompson is exciting. I want to see them in the finals.

I like Memphis, too. I think a Memphis-Golden State western conference finals match-up would be fantastic. As for the East, well, we all know the Heat are going to win the championship, right?

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