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by Sara Foss

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Back to the garden

My landlord and I have decided to give gardening another go.

Last year we were first-time gardeners, and I’d probably give us a C-plus ... if I was grading on a curve. We did OK until about August, and then things sort of fell apart. We were both away a lot, and it was extremely dry. By September, our community garden plot was a wild, jungly tangle of weeds, tomato plants and zucchini. I kind of enjoyed finding new ways to use the zucchini, like making zucchini bread, but my landlord was less enthused. “I’ve had enough zucchini,” she said.

My landlord and I hope to improve on last year’s garden. So far, we’re off to a good start. We mapped out where we wanted our vegetables and other plants to go, and were careful to plant in clearly marked rows. Because we’re seldom in the garden at the exact same time, we often leave each other little messages, like, “I planted half a row of beans in a raised bed, and if you want to plant the other kind of beans in the other half of the row, feel free to go ahead and do that.”

So far, we’ve also put in peas, cauliflower, tomatoes, summer squash, cabbage and lettuce. I wanted to put in a few more things this week, like basil, but the unusually cool whether made me decide to wait. I went down to the garden last Saturday, and felt pretty chilled by the time I was done there. “I hope it rains,” I told my landlord, when I called her seeking a clarification of where exactly I should plant the beans. Because that’s what happens when you have a garden — you start hoping for rain.

Anyway, I have high hopes for this year’s garden. I’d like to earn at least a B or B-plus. Already, there are reasons for hope: The garlic I planted last year is coming in, and our soil is rich and full of worms.

Of course, it’s easy to feel optimistic in May.

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