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by Sara Foss

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Enough snow already

OK, enough. Uncle. Today’s snowstorm is the last straw. Winter officially has me screaming for mercy.

I like snow. Not too long ago, I went skiing at the Pine Bush and found myself wishing for snow. The trails were patchy and icy, and I began to worry that it would never snow again and I would have to pack up my skis and wait until next winter to get out again.

But last week it snowed. A lot. And I was pleased. “Now I can ski again,” I thought. I spent the weekend in Maine, where it snowed about six inches on Sunday night. A friend and I drove out to a local golf course and broke trail for about an hour, and it was nice. In my opinion, the Northeast had plenty of snow. It didn’t need any more.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn’t particularly care about my needs and wants. And so today it’s snowing again. The forecast initially called for up to six inches, but now it looks like we could get up to a foot. Frankly, I’m already dreading the inevitable snow emergency, the lack of parking spaces due to snow, the snowy drive home and the internal debate over whether to cancel plans. If I hadn’t dealt with all of this just a week ago, I’d probably feel a lot more patient and good-humored about today’s storm. I’d probably be saying things like “Of course it’s snowing. It’s winter” and “People need to stop being hysterical about the weather.” Instead I’m saying things like “Maybe it’s time to plan a vacation” and “This winter is starting to exhaust me.”

The solution, of course, is to find ways to enjoy the snow. And I’m sure I will this weekend. I plan to hike in the Catskills and perhaps ski a little bit. But the weekend still seems far away. First I have to drive home from work and find a place to park on my mostly unplowed street. Then I’ll have to get up in the morning, clear off the car and possibly drive to work in more snow, because right now Accuweather is predicting that the snow will wind down around 8 a.m.

Yes, winter is fun sometimes. But spring is fun, too. And right now it can’t come fast enough.

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