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by Margaret Hartley


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Ideas on greener living

Nest and egg season arrives

It’s egg season, and our nesting friends are planning families. We usually like to schedule haircuts outside this time of year so the birds can grab something soft for their nests. I think I’ll tackle the heads of my husband and son this weekend.

A long cool spring finally bursts into bloom

While I can rue my northern home while driving through southern Saratoga County and into Schenectady — where the lilacs are blooming — at least I’m not in the central Adirondacks, where it can be 10 degrees colder than at my house.

No time for sleep as the fox shares nocturnal ways

The fox is out an nobody's sleeping.

If chickens make me weird, does the Internet make me normal?

My family recently entered the modern age by getting Internet. Right in the house, if you can imagine.

Busy takes over as spring blooms

It seems like there are about a million things to do every day, and a million more that we don’t have time for.

Peepers singing means spring is really here

The shrill song of those tiny swamp dwellers is, for me, the true sign of spring.

A fresh look at the world — with delete button handy

I'd take better pictures if my subjects didn't run away.

Looking for used clothes for my kid to outgrow

Growing children can be forgiven for not getting the full life cycle out of clothing. The rest of us tend to be more fickle, buying stuff we don’t need and chucking stuff that’s perfectly wearable.

You can grow veggies in the smallest of spaces

You don’t need a garden to grow a little of your own food. You can plant peppers and tomatoes in containers, potatoes in garbage cans, beans and peas on trellises near your porch.

Recycling cats and cabinets to complete a home

We find a lot of stuff dumped on the side of the road, and a lot of it we pick up to recycle, dispose of more properly or, sometimes, bring home to use ourselves.

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