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Linda LeTendre's Waging Peace
by Linda LeTendre

Waging Peace

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Linda LeTendre fights for a peaceful world.

All oppressive regimes have one

Sometimes I think if you're not depressed over that state of our political, social and cultural fabric you're crazy.


14 million of our fellow citizens do not have a job. Millions more work full time and are still below the poverty line.

We're in a perpetual state of war with several countries.

Lavishly wealthy people pay less of a percentage in taxes than those in the quickly vanishing middle class and the above described working poor. That the phrase “working poor” is an accepted and understood part of our lexicon, and is not considered an oxymoron, speaks volumes about the state of our nation.

Corporations making obscene profits not only do not pay taxes but get a refund.

Take the previous three facts and it explains why we're 16 trillion dollars in debt with one foot at the edge of a fiscal cliff and the other on a banana peel.

Our president has declared himself judge, jury and executioner and kills innocent people with drones paid for with our heard earned our tax dollars.

Said president also assassinates American citizens as judge, jury and executioner.

Said president not only helped to draft the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which allows for indefinite detention of any and all Americans -- he's actively fighting a court challenge to it. Well, on the bright side, America is living up to its promise of equality for all -- now its Guantanamo for everybody!

It took finding out that our Olympic teams' uniforms were made in China to get our feckless politicians to notice that we don't make much here anymore.

Our political system was poisoned spring before the Supreme Court upheld Citizens United (CU) and is now an open sewer.

It is two years since the affirmation of the aforementioned law; two thirds of American citizens want to ban SuperPacs and our Congress is hardly close to overturing CU. An honest name for this piece of legislation would be “Corporations United” because it was not drafted or passed with Jane or John Q. Public in mind. Now here's an interesting bit of history on how quickly Congress can act if it wants to: In the late 1960's when the photo of Tom Cornell burning his draft card was seen by the late Sen. Arlen Spector on Capital Hill, the good senator got a bill banning this form of dissent passed in 10 minutes. That's right -- 10 minutes.

Wall Street and big banks crashed the economy, stole from millions of Americans and the only person to go to jail for financial crimes is Bernie Madoff. But then again he stole form the 1 percent of the richest Americans -- not the the rest of us poor slobs.

And what do we have in the way of choice of leadership to address the above? I am of course assuming that they even want to address these issues (hope springs eternal -- even when you're depressed.) We have our current President “Obomber” or the “Executioner and Chief” as I like to call him. He not only didn't close Guantanamo as promised but is spending $40 million dollars to “renovate” the place. He's prosecuted more whistle blowers than Bush II did during his entire presidency. He's ramped up drone killings to the point where America now has a “Kill List." “O” has also declared any male old enough to serve in the military in the countries we're at war with as an “enemy combatant,” thereby justifying his killing of innocent people -- at least in his own mind anyway. He's letting his friends on Wall Street off without even so much as a “by your leave” to the rest of us.

And Willard “Mitt” Romney? Mr. “Let's Outsource It”? A guy that's worth over a quarter of a billion dollars is not going to be looking out for the Jane or John Q. Public mentioned above. Wall Street is a master at being friends with whomever it is politically expedient to be at the time or whim. I am darn sure he's on their A List. Don't expect anything in the way of meaningful reform or investigation, let alone prosecution, of crimes (I think Republicans call that “Personal Responsibility”) from him. Right now he's too busy playing us all for fools by not releasing his tax returns.

He doesn't think the rest of us have figured out that there's a good chance that he's worth more than he's letting on and/or that he's not had to pay taxes for a few years. That would spill the beans on just how good things really are for the very richest of Americans. (For some great information on this issue see The Daily Gazette's editorial of 8/9/12 “Hiding wealth in offshore havens." I applaud the Gazette for publishing this information and I would humbly suggest that next time they make it a banner headline -- thereby possibly facilitating some real change in the nation.)

He's also keeping secret the records of his work as governor and as Olympics czar because he had those records destroyed. And has anyone seen his economic plan? This is like applying for a job with a blank resume -- no employer in their right mind would you.

As for bringing peace to our nation and world, that's not even on the table for either candidate. Heck it's not even in the same room.

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