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Linda LeTendre's Waging Peace
by Linda LeTendre

Waging Peace

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Linda LeTendre fights for a peaceful world.

Actions to take for justice (and peace)

It is amazing where the Internet in general and Facebook in particular can take you.

I recently connected with someone I went to high school with, Ted McGinn. We were not friends in school - we traveled in different circles (also known as “cliques”). I always thought of him as vastly underrated. He always struck me as a very deep and sensitive person despite his “hooligan” reputation, which I always figured was a put on to mask his tenderness.

Through the magic of Facebook we connected. Ted lives in Washington, DC where he started and runs a program (a ministry really) teaching inner city kids organic gardening and how to care for the soil (also known as the earth). Ted also reclaims and recycles building materials (more Earth care) and he writes haikus. A widower - he lost the love of his life to cancer - he is raising his two children solo.

He met me and a friend at the February climate change rally in DC, and before the event commenced took us out to a cafe that uses all local food (some of which he grows), showed us his gardens around the city and gave us gifts of fair trade, organically grown chocolate. (Makes him a BFF&E for certain!) He also took us to the botanical gardens and let me fall asleep in the tropical room for a much needed nap.

He read my recent blog on the “order of protection” debacle and this is what he posted on my FB page:

“This is from the Hancock air base web site... I think a call in/ email campaign protesting this abuse of power is called for. There are clear violations of the First Amendment rights to speech and assembly. Lieutenant Colonel Earl A. Evans should be reported and the info that follows provides one pathway for those complaints: 'The Department of Defense, Office of Inspector General Hotline ("Defense Hotline") is an important avenue for reporting fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement regarding programs and personnel under the purview of the U.S. Department of Defense. The Defense Hotline provides a confidential and reliable vehicle for military service members, DoD civilians, contractor employees and the public to report fraud, waste, mismanagement, abuse of authority, threats to homeland defense and leaks of classified information. It is staffed and available for your calls Monday through Friday, 0800-1700 EST.

DoD IG Hotline:
Comm: 800-424-9098
DSN: 664-8799 
Website: HYPERLINK "" \n _blank' “

Thanks Ted. I had no idea that we have some recourse at our disposal to address this abuse of power and the circumventing of our rights as citizens. We should all keep this information handy.

And if you would like to take some action regarding President Obama's campaign of “Murder by Drone” and “Kill Lists” you can sign a petition asking the Noble Peace Prize Committee to rescind his 2009 Peace Prize. Click here:

Small actions yes. But taking some action always makes me feel less disenfranchised and, well, hopeful.

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