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Linda LeTendre's Waging Peace
by Linda LeTendre

Waging Peace

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Linda LeTendre fights for a peaceful world.

Running for peace

At the behest of God, I have run three marathons in my life; each one raised money for the Halo Trust, an organization that removes land mines from harm's way.

The news from Boston sent me to my knees asking for a word, a sign, anything from him who sent me running for peace.

I was recovering from a very serious depression (or trying to anyway -- I went to bed crying, I woke up crying) and one morning as I was putting a carton of milk away in the fridge I distinctly heard God tell me to begin training to run a marathon, he'd let me know later what for. I had been a runner for more than a decade at that time and to tell you the truth when I got the message the first thing I thought was, “This God must be crazy.”

Long story short, I bought a treadmill, got a book on running marathons and began training. A friend told me about the Halo Trust and I knew immediately that was “it.” I asked friends to sponsor me at $1 a mile, some even went for $5 and $10/mile. I did this three times and raised almost $5,000, enough to remove three land mines.

(Below is my memorial for the Boston explosions.)

Land mines affect civilians, they are meant to, and there are villages on the planet where almost everyone is an amputee.

In addition to the terrorist attack in Boston yesterday, one of our drones bombed a wedding in Afghanistan, killing 30 people. Both are incidents of terror. We should accept neither.
My prayer for everyone is that we all find our own way of nonviolence. We each claim our piece of making peace.

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