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Linda LeTendre's Waging Peace
by Linda LeTendre

Waging Peace

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Linda LeTendre fights for a peaceful world.

Dontcha just wish

That the Congress people and citizenry who have gotten all in a tither over the Affordable Care Act got into the same kind of said tither over the NSA spying on work-a-day American citizens?

That instead of giving $5 billion to defense contractors just a day before the government shutdown, Congress had put that money aside for Social Security, Veteran's benefits -– you know, programs that help the common people –- in case the shutdown lasted longer than the GOP thought or intended? (You choose which word fits.)

That at least one Republican –- just one –- had attended the hearings on October 29 on Capitol Hill, and actually listened to the testimony of the survivors of drone strikes? Too bad these people weren't still in contained in a uterus -– all Republicans in both houses would have been there.

That more than five Democrats showed up for the hearings mentioned above?

Doncha think we deserve something better?

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