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Linda LeTendre's Waging Peace
by Linda LeTendre

Waging Peace

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Linda LeTendre fights for a peaceful world.

Is this war really worth it?

I have a great tee shirt I bought out in LA back in 2007 to wear at an “Arrest Bush” action at the UN on September 25th of that year.

The Daily Gazette being a family newspaper I can't repeat it word for word but the back of the shirt has a phrase that goes something like this: “Enough George. Too much Cheney.” The clever word smiths among you will figure it out.

I had a good time wearing it to the witness against Bush and his regime of torture that day and in fact one of the NYPD officers arresting us commented to me, “We like your shirt” and we had some good laughs over it. As much as one could laugh over those two. “Gallows Humor” at best.

I lamented when their reign was over that the clever words on the back of the shirt would not make sense in public anymore.

This past week proved me wrong.

We have Dick Cheney — who lied about the WMD's in Iraq to get us into a war, is directly responsible for the death of thousands and thousands of people, the maiming and displacement of thousands upon thousands more, his company Halliburton made in excess of $39 billion in profits off of this death and destruction, he was one of the principal architects of our torture program and Guantanamo (for which he has been tired in absentia and found guilty in at least one other country, is wanted by the world court in the Hague and has to be very choosy about which countries he travels to lest he be arrested for war crimes and crimes against humanity and end up like Edward Snowden living in an airport) — back in the national media pontificating on the mistakes Obama has made in Iraq and lending his support for going back to Iraq.

Cheney is a problem in and of himself but the bigger problem in this situation is the national media. Why give this failure any airtime or ink to give his opinions? Now, he’s on the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and FOX entertainment (I refuse to call anything “news” on that channel). I can understand having him comment. The WSJ is supported by the companies that have made obscene profits off the the deaths of both American soldiers and Iraqi citizens, and FOX is a just mouthpiece for said companies. Any news organization with any journalistic integrity, or pride for that matter, would have told him, “thanks, but no thanks”.

And therein lies the problem. When Cheney and Bush were beating the drums for war, very few, painfully few, news organizations challenged them. In other words, the Fourth Estate did not do its job on behalf of the American people. Giving Cheney a platform is simply another failure of the profession.

In lieu of American journalists giving us the facts about the next war our government wants to get us into, here's a way to tell if it is really worth our lives and resources: Cheney and his ilk, the very wealthy (aka “The One Percent”), will send their children to front lines right away.

I'm wearing my shirt again.

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