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No acceptance on "The Walking Dead"

Rick Grimes is making decisions again on The Walking Dead.

Decision number one by Rick 2.0 (more like 6.0 at this point, as he keeps reinventing himself) was to banish bizarro Carol, who had become a cold-blooded killer with a love of telling it like it is. She had become a calculating survivalist, but came up with the wrong answer when it came time to deal with Rick.

Team Rick or Team Carol?

Carol thought that Rick, a pushover in recent days, as he had shied from leadership and was resigned to being a farmer, would just accept that she had preemptively killed two sick members of the group to protect the entire group. When Rick finally decided to acknowledge what Carol had done, he decided he couldn't accept Carol's ruthless survival techniques and told her to go.

In hindsight this was probably the only logical decision Rick could make if he wanted to share what Carol did. There is no way she could be folded back into the group if they all knew, because it would likely divide the other survivors, with some condoning her decision and others recoiling in objection. The biggest problems would have been raised by Tyreese.

My main problem with Carol's devolution was how annoying and illogical she was in Sunday night's episode, "Indifference." Her attempts to defend her actions were weak, especially when she tried to equate her preemptive strike to Rick killing Shane, a poor comparison at best. Additionally, the speech she delivered at the start of the episode, explaining to one of her surrogate children how to survive, was a good example of how bad the writing is on AMC shows that aren't "The Walking Dead" or "Breaking Bad," because it was an over-the-top load of pretentious writing.

Aside from that tender speech, where Carol expressed her opposition to being called "mom," probably because it might melt her ice-cold blood, the rest of the episode took place outside of the prison. Darryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob continued their search for medicine to the zombie flu and Carol and Rick went after the first group. The combination didn't add up to a very interesting or entertaining episode.

The worst part of the wandering search for medication was the soul searching by Bob Stookey and Tyreese, with Bob dealing with his drinking problem and Tyreese battling his terrible depression. Bob lost his battle, risking his life for a drink, and Tyreese appeared to benefit from zombie shock therapy and was ready to live by the end of the episode, when it became clear there would be a chance to cure the sick survivors, like his sister.

It was interesting to see the Michonne and Darryl relationship continuing to blossom, especially as the likelihood of Darryl and Carol becoming Darol seems highly unlikely.

At least the episode provided some comic relief with the pair of zombie hippie survivors offering fruit! Their deaths were inevitable, but I just wish they had offered the gang of survivors some more fruit before they perished.

Next week's episode, "Interment," returns the show's action to the prison, where the "Days without an accident" calendar will probably never see double digits again.

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