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How to end the "Revolution"

It's time to turn off the power for good on NBC's "Revolution."

Now in its sophomore year, the peacock network's once mildly encouraging hit is struggling creatively and in terms of ratings this year. The show will likely not return for a third year (although anything is possible on NBC, where they have basically nothing and "Community" can't be killed).

I have reluctantly watched the show all the way through, often fast forwarding through episodic plot elements to focus on the serialized stories, so I feel adequately prepared to offer an ending for the show, but let's first diagnosis how we got to this point.

Time to end the "Revolution

"Revolution" began with a concept and nothing else. It promised a world without power and lots of swords. There were no interesting characters, creative dialogues and or interesting story telling techniques. It was a mix of all the failed serialized dramas that have come since "Lost," like "Flash Forward" and "The Event."

It also suffered from terrible set pieces, as the show was supposed to be set in a post-apocalyptic America, but it ended up looking and feeling very corny. This was something that never happened on "Lost," where each almost all the scenes were staged in a way that made them feel vast and expansive, even though they were mostly on one island.

And the characters. Oh how the characters are annoying, with even "Lost"-veteran Elizabeth Mitchell becoming a complete waste of space. She's not even the worse, though, as that title belongs to the show's supposed breakout star, Tracy Spiradkos.

Despite all of this, I have continued on the journey with the show. I stuck around because the central issue, the blackout, was a captivating conceit. But that's what should have been expected from a show created by Eric Kripke, the brains behind the CW's "Supernatural and with guiding support from J.J. Abrams.

I the think the show needs to get back to the question of the power (electricity or a pun?).

We learned in season one that the power was shut off by nanotechnology conceived by Mitchell's character and we briefly turned the power back on before that fun ended with nuclear bombs. This season has only slightly touched on the nanotechnology issue, hinting at a mystery involving the whiny Aaron Pittman, who can make people catch on fire (BORING!).

The "Patriots," who are claiming to be the displaced American government, make good villains for the end of series, but the struggle is too minimal in the tiny town set piece they've been using for most of this season. They need to expand the purview of the show, though, to get a good bang for their buck with the "Patriots." To do that efficiently the show needs to rope in guest stars to help get the series to the goal line.

Aaron Paul: My Solution

By adding guest stars capable of leading the show, the writers could feel free to give emotional ends to some of the original leads.

What I imagine is some sort of flashback that introduces the new characters and reveals their ongoing efforts to battle the "Patriots." They can be folded into the lead characters stories and eventually supplant them, with the "Patriots" defeated by the end and some sign of hope for the future serving as the lasting image of the series.

So who would I bring on?

Terry O'Quinn: He isn't a series regular on anything right now and has already demonstrated an ability to be a charismatic leader. It's time to tap that again.

Blair Underwood: It's not like he'll be busy prepping season two of "Ironside" and would insert more color into the show.

Aaron Paul: This may seem like a stretch, but he does some absolute crap that isn't called "Breaking Bad." As Jessie, he has shown the ability to transform into a character who looks like he is from a post-apocalyptic world, so he could totally play some tech-savvy young hero.

Summer Glau: She is mostly known as Joss Whedon's sci-fi girl, but it would be nice to have her around as an example of a good young female lead.

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