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Who is New Girl?

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New Girl's biggest flaw, it's inability to write the character Winston, has spread to the rest of the show.

Following Tuesday night's episode, the third of season three, it is clear that this show is lost. Characters are completely irrational and the narrative is heading toward a corner it may not be able to escape.

The problems began with the season two finale this spring, when Schmidt had the option of being with Cece or Elizabeth. Instead of picking one, he chose both, a decision the character tearfully defended in the second episode of this season. Schmidt, who was once overweight, argued that since women haven't always fawned over him, he didn't know how to make a choice.

As both relationships end, Schmidt's response is to try to break up Nick and Jess, who are celebrating the first month of their relationship in the most recent episode. His attack on the new couple begins by making Nick question the relationship, which puts a strain on things with Jess before he ultimately expresses feelings and his relationship emerges as strong as ever.

A lot more happens with this struggle, including a killer Billy Zane joke available below, but it's not worth talking about because it's so blah and it doesn't make sense.

For starters, this episode should have began with Jess screaming at Schmidt, as CeCe is her best friend and she would be mad for her. In what world would this just become water under the bridge? Second, why would he want to ruin the relationship of his alleged best friend, Nick? Third, at the end of the episode, why aren't Nick and Jess telling Schmidt to leave the apartment???

Nothing makes sense and that was fine when it was just the writing for Winston, which continues to be erratic as ever, with his screen time dedicated to getting his cat laid while hilariously (wrong word) not realizing a beautiful woman wants to sleep with him. But maybe I'm being too hard on the writers, because this obliviousness could just be another layer to his character, which includes loving pranks, being terrible at puzzles and a talented bell ringer. Winston isn't like an onion where writers peel back the layers, he is like an ill-conceived cake where layers are just added and added with the hope that no one will notice they don't make sense.

And now this problem has spread to the entire show.

Is there hope? Probably. Will the problem be fixed by the next episode? Doubtful.

The writers need to carefully and slowly remove the rotten layer it added and start building again. If that means having the show embrace time travel and avoiding certain stories, I'm fine with it.

Narrative has never been an important part of New Girl, which has predominantly been very episodic, with a new adventure for the gang each week. But now that it has introduced this arc, the show is harder to watch and upsetting. The illogical story distracts from how talented the actors are, with physical humor and delivery, and how jam-packed the episodes are with jokes.

New Girl needs to push this narrative just a little bit further, with Schmidt doing a complete mea culpa, so the show can go back to focusing on just being funny week to week (and finding more traits to assign to Winston. For instance, they have said he was good at basketball, so why not make him bad at basketball now? Makes as much sense as anything else).

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