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NFL Pregame Shows Week 15 Sound Bites: CBS' 'The NFL Today' and CBSSN's 'That Other Pregame Show'

Here are the sound bites from CBS Sports' "The NFL Today" and CBSSN's "That Other Pregame Show. The quotes are provided by the CBS Sports PR department.


(On Mike Shanahan and rocky relationship with Robert Griffin III)
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BOOMER ESIASON: The fact of the matter is, they’re going to have a new coach. There is no way that a first-round draft choice that was traded for all these picks is going to be allowed to sit on the bench and not play. Dan Snyder has all his money in that one basket. They have to find a coach that fits him and makes him happy. Unfortunately, I’m here to say, I think that divorce is going to happen.

DAN MARINO: In some ways, who cares? But I've never in my life heard a guy get benched because he wanted to be healthy for the next year…He needs to be playing and getting that experience and back in the pocket and throwing the football from the pocket. And what Shanahan did, he made a power move because I think he wanted to show who is the boss. And the boss is the head coach.

COACH COWHER: I think you look at this organization, and to me, it's somewhat dysfunctional. There is got to be in my mind separation between management and coaching, and owners and management and players. RGIII, for whatever reason, has failed to accept the responsibility that he's not played very well. He has some maturing to do, a little like Cam Newton a year ago…But if you look at the bottom line, it starts from the top. This is an owner that has had six head coaches in 13 years.

SHANNON SHARPE: The only problem I have with what Mike Shanahan did is the reason he gave on why he did it. He had to be politically correct. I do not. RGIII has played awful. It comes to a point in time that you owe it to the other 52 guys in that locker room to put the best 11 guys on the football field. Right now that's not RGIII. Race or racism has nothing to do with this. His play had everything to do with this. So what RGIII did last year has no bearing on what's going on this year. And to say Kyle Shanahan is incompetent, he was very competent last year when they went 10‑6 when they won the division. We can speculate all we want to about Mike wanting to get fired and all these other things going on. But the bottom line is we can all agree on this, RGIII hasn't played well. And those are the facts.

(On San Diego Chargers)
BOOMER: One thing Philip Rivers said after the (Denver) game was that their record does not indicate how well they are playing. If they can get in there (playoffs), and I think they will, because you take a look at their schedule; who they're playing and where they're playing them. They will be a dangerous, formidable foe in the first round of the playoffs.

► NFL TODAY Insider Jason La Canfora

(On potential NFL head coaches being considered for University of Texas coaching job):
LA CANFORA: The school actually began reaching out to potential candidates even before (Mack) Brown's resignation became final this weekend. They are aiming big in Texas: Sean Payton, Jim Harbaugh, Mike Tomlin, among the guys high on their wish list. I don't believe they will land any of them but they’d love to start courting them now if possible.

(On Washington)
In Washington, a divorce continues to look inevitable. I'm told by team sources that the relationship between RGIII and the offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan has been frayed beyond repair. There are issues about the competency and experience of that young offensive coaching staff. And it looks like Dan Snyder will be hiring a seventh NFL head coach this off‑season.

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BART SCOTT: Shanahan has thrown (RGIII) under the bus. We all know that he is on his way out and he is trying to blow it up and make his point before he is out of there… Just like great players, people transition out of the League. I think he’s the next old guy that is going to transition out of the League and not have a job in the NFL anymore. I think he’s one of those aging dinosaurs that is trying to learn and can’t really deal with the new-age athlete. He’s on his way out… He hasn’t been a good coach.

AMY TRASK: It is easy to be a genius when John Elway is your quarterback. The two Super Bowls were with Elway at quarterback. And there has been one playoff win since then. It is easy to be labeled a genius when John Elway is under center.

TRASK: At the end of this season, both of those quarterbacks are going to be free (agents). I had the pleasure of working with Marc Trestman in Oakland for a few years. I think he’s very, very smart. He is a good communicator. And he is an excellent teacher. And we’ve seen that he has done a very, very good job with (Jay) Cutler and with (Josh) McCown. Now they play out the rest of the season, perhaps into the playoffs, but they now need for 2014, to get not only one quarterback under contract, but two quarterbacks under contract. Because we all see that it is very, very, very rare that you can make it through an entire season with one quarterback.

JAMEIS WINSTON: EJ (Manuel) prepared me for this situation… He didn’t just say, ‘I am one of the older guys. Sit back and watch me.’ He said, ‘Jameis take your notes.’ I sat by him every day in the meetings. He would say, ‘Jameis prepare yourself for this situation. I’m going to be the first quarterback taken.’ He had his doubters… We still talk today. I love that guy… I feel like EJ is one of the best quarterbacks that I’ve seen because he has so much potential. When EJ gets comfortable and when EJ gets in his zone, it’s hard to stop that guy.

► (On Jason La Canfora sits down with Adam Schein to discuss the Redskins coaching issues)
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