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NFL Pregame Shows Week 15 Sound Bites: NFL Network's 'NFL GameDay First' and 'NFL GameDay Morning'

Here are the sound bites from NFL Network's "NFL GameDay First" and "NFL GameDay Morning" pregame show. The quotes are provided by the NFL Network PR department.

Quotes from NFL GameDay First.

- “They are better equipped to handle this now than at the start of the season.” – Sterling Sharpe on the New England Patriots without tight end Rob Gronkowski

- “He is not making the throws from the pocket. At the end of the day, your arm has to lead the football team and Robert Griffin’s arm is not doing that right now.” – Sterling Sharpe on Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III

- “It shouldn’t cost him his job. One of my pet peeves in the NFL right now is that everybody wants to fire everybody all the time…Patience, patience, patience. [Mike] Shanahan should be back next year.” – Charley Casserly on if the decision to bench quarterback Robert Griffin III will cost Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan his job

- “There are six to nine teams that need quarterbacks – there aren’t six to nine quarterbacks in the first two rounds of the draft. If he plays well, he’s going to have some value…I could see a team giving up a second or maybe two [second round picks] because he’s going to be better than a lot of guys in this draft.” – Charley Casserly on Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins

- “The Seattle Seahawks are best fit to play in bad weather right now.” – Shaun O’Hara on the Seattle Seahawks

- “They have been so inconsistent this season; I don’t know which Colts team will show up. They could be one-and-done, and they could reach the Super Bowl.” – Sterling Sharpe on the Indianapolis Colts

Quotes from NFL GameDay Morning.

- “As tough as it is to swallow right now, this might be the best thing for [Robert Griffin III] to make sure that he doesn’t get hurt on a 3-10 team that’s going nowhere fast. Start over in his third year next year healthy, go through the whole [offseason] and really be a dynamic player again.” – Steve Mariucci on the decision to bench Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III

- “Why are his teammates not going up and making a big deal about this? I would like to think that if I got benched the last three games that my teammates would come up and say, ‘Hold on, we need Kurt out there with us; we want our leader to go to battle with us every time.’ That to me is the one big question I have.” – Kurt Warner on the decision to bench Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III

- “The worst thing you can do to an athlete who is healthy is sit him down and not allow him to play on Sunday…If you can’t play and you’re healthy, you walk around that locker room wishing you weren’t there.” – Joe Theismann on the Washington Redskins’ decision to bench quarterback Robert Griffin III

- “I don’t believe that it’s Dan Snyder’s place to stand up and say, ‘I support Mike [Shanahan].’ Mike got up and said I sat and talked with Dan, I sat and talked with Bruce [Allen] – we’ve made this decision. That’s why I say it’s an organizational decision to sit Robert [Griffin III], not just Mike.” – Joe Theismann on the Washington Redskins’ decision to bench quarterback Robert Griffin III

- “He’s a great coach, but his coaching style is becoming antiquated because he wants to dominate a locker room when it is time to learn how to be partners with these guys to get the best out of them…The coaches that transition to that will stay around, and those that do not will say goodbye to this league.” – Michael Irvin on Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan

- “Josh McCown should be the starter in this situation…He’s leading this football team; they understand exactly what he brings to the table and he understands what the football team around him is doing…You put Jay Cutler back into this offense, he’s going to go for a $100 million contract and an audition for down in Tennessee and any other team. They’ve already made the decision that Jay Cutler is not their starting, franchise quarterback.” – Warren Sapp on the Chicago Bears’ decision to start quarterback Jay Cutler

- “You have to make this move. If this guy is your franchise quarterback – the guy you want to re-sign and be your long-term answer – as soon as he’s healthy, you have to put him back in. You have to believe he gives you the best chance to win.” – Kurt Warner on the Chicago Bears’ decision to start quarterback Jay Cutler

- “[Josh] McCown really got this team going…If I’m a Chicago Bears fan, I’m sick to my stomach right now because we’ve been looking for a quarterback to play this well for a long time. Right now we have it and now we’re about to be held hostage by the business of football. The business of football is Jay Cutler is possibly a franchise quarterback, maybe not, but we have to find out in the midst of a playoff run.” – Marshall Faulk on the Chicago Bears

- “We’re asking about a December collapse – this team has already collapsed. The defense has collapsed…If Tony Romo does pull this Houdini out of the hat and wins in this December, we shall not talk about him in December anymore with this garbage defense on the football field.” – Michael Irvin on the Dallas Cowboys

- “The distance between Reggie Wayne, and Darrius Heyward-Bey and T.Y. Hilton, it is a grand canyon. That is the problem right now. Forget about the knowledge, the routes and all of that – can you make plays on Sunday? That’s what Reggie Wayne was, a playmaker.” – Warren Sapp on the impact of the loss of Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne

- “What has happened here, without [Rob Gronkowski] you can take that Super Bowl trophy right off the mantle.” – Michael Irvin on the New England Patriots without tight end Rob Gronkowski

NFL Media Insiders Ian Rapoport & Mike Silver

On Washington Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, and the relationship between head coach Mike Shanahan and quarterback Robert Griffin III:
Ian Rapoport: “Kyle Shanahan, the offensive coordinator who has worked for his dad [Mike Shanahan] since 2010, he has decided he can no longer work for his dad. It is not worth it; it is not worth the stigma. Expect him to set on his own path next year…Mike Shanahan and [Robert Griffin III], according to a Redskins’ player, when they pass each other in the hallway they don’t even say hello. It sounds like they’re not even talking.”

On Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan:
Mike Silver: “The awkwardness throughout the building this week has been bizarre as it’s been described to me by players and coaches. Mike Shanahan has brought up the elephant in the room – benching [Robert Griffin III] – with nobody; not with his coaches, not with the players. One person familiar with the situation told me of Mike Shanahan he loves this, apparently the messing with his boss, Dan Snyder, component of that deal.”

On if it is possible San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh would leave for the University of Texas:
Silver: “Jim Harbaugh has indicated that he has no interest in this to his superiors. Now, Jim Harbaugh obviously has done a great job in San Francisco. They talked about an extension over the offseason; the numbers weren’t quite what he wanted and they tabled those talks. Interestingly, had Harbaugh elected to pull a [Bobby] Petrino, which would have been pretty unusual, the 49ers would not have thrown money at him to try to get him to stay. They believe it’s a great job and they’re not going to grovel. On the other hand, it just makes a lot of sense for these guys to get an extension done. Harbaugh probably not going elsewhere.”

On the St. Louis Rams defense:
Rapoport: “All is not well as far as the Rams and defensive coordinator [Tim Walton]. I’m told Jeff Fisher has essentially taken over that defense; not play-calling, but has been more hands-on than anyone can remember him.”

On Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman and head coach Leslie Frazier:
Rapoport: “[Rick Spielman], I’m told his job is safe, but the same cannot be said for coach Leslie Frazier; his seat is very hot, prospects looking grim for him to return.”

Silver: “If the Vikings run a coaching search, they would be inclined to look for a current NFL assistant; the young, hot guy with potential star power. I expect them to call Lovie Smith, but basically they’re looking for the next big thing.”

On Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland:
Rapoport: “General manager Jeff Ireland has not been told about his future heading into next year.”

Silver: “One NFL owner on Jeff Ireland’s continued employment: the craziest thing I’ve seen in the NFL, more absurd than Matt Millen.”

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