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NFL Pregame Shows Week 11 Sound Bites: CBS' 'The NFL Today' and CBSSN's 'That Other Pregame Show'

Here are the sound bites from CBS Sports' "The NFL Today" and CBSSN's "That Other Pregame Show. The quotes are provided by the CBS Sports PR department.

► (Dan Marino on being asked to serve on Miami Dolphins Code of Conduct Committee)
DAN MARINO: Mr. Ross called me last Sunday night after the show. I didn't talk to him Sunday night, but talked to him Monday, and he asked me to be part of the committee to make recommendations and look at what has gone on there after the NFL investigation is over and after the Dolphins go through their investigation. I'm proud to be a part of it. I've been a Dolphin for life. If I can help in any way, I'm going to help. It's really to take a look at what's normal for locker room situations and what's not normal.

JAMES BROWN: I understand that you're iconic when it comes to the Dolphins. Let's be clear, is it just a PR move on their part?

MARINO: I wouldn't do it if it was just a PR move. I don’t think it is. I think Mr. Ross is very sincere about getting it fixed down there and doing the right thing.

To view video, click here.

ROME: I've got to own this. I hit him pretty hard earlier. I thought that Rex Ryan was done. I thought the big fella’s act was very 2010. That he would be (defensive) coordinator in 2014, but I’ll own this. You've got to bring him back. They lost their best player. They've got a rookie quarterback. They’ve got no legitimate number one wideout or number one running back. The whole season screams rebuild, yet Ryan's got them on pace for the playoffs. I've already forgotten about the butt fumble. Did that ever really happen? 5‑4. I didn't think they'd win five games this year. Rex has coached his guts out. You’ve got to extend this guy. He's earned it.


(On Ben Roethlisberger’s future in Pittsburgh)
MARINO: I don’t even know why we’re talking about this. Why would you even talk about this? He's the guy. He's won two Super Bowls. You don't find Ben Roethlisbergers just hanging on trees or out on street corners. This is a guy that can play in the NFL, a big time player.


(On N.Y. Jets signing Ed Reed)
To view video, click here.

BART SCOTT: He has a lot left. He’s going to a familiar place. He’s perfectly familiar with (Jets secondary coach) Dennis Thurman, who was his secondary coach when he was in Baltimore. He knows this system. He reunites with Dawan Landry. They were together for five years in Baltimore. Ed Reed has his little “isms.” We call him “Quick” from (the movie) “Harlem Nights.” Because he will see something in film study and he’ll tell Dawan Landry, ‘Get my back.’ And he will jump and make a huge play… He’s dynamic. And I think he will make these young guys understand how to break down formations. He’ll be great for Dee Milliner in teaching him how to break down formations and understand where the ball is supposed to go.

(On Ben Roethlisberger Trade Rumors)
To view video, click here.

AMY TRASK: A lot of times, rumors come from agents. Not necessarily the agents for that player, but other agents. You know what the Steelers need to do? They need to win a game. People say winning cures everything. Winning cures nothing. But winning is like cold medicine. Cold medicine doesn’t fix the cold. But it gets rid of the symptoms.

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